Training Of ITI Sri Lanka Engineers In Energy Auditing

  1. The Industrial Technology Institute (ITI), Government of Sri Lanka, requested for training of four (4) engineers in energy auditing to Rector, COMSATS University during his visit to Sri Lanka in July 2018. The request was forwarded to Energy Research Centre to arrange for training program.
  2. The Industrial Technology Institute is owned by Government of Sri Lanka and functions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Research, Skills Development & Vocational Training and Kandyan Heritage. The main objectives of the Institute are as follows:
    • Support industry by undertaking testing, investigation and research for improving product quality and technical processes, discovering new processes and methods to be used by the industry, providing technical services and consultancies, and technology transfers, adaptation and development of new technologies.
    • Conduct research and disseminate shelf technologies with a view to accelerating industrial technology development.
    • Training of technical manpower in areas related to ITI expertise.
    • Monitor environmental pollution and recommend remedial measures
    • Co-operate with government departments and institutions, universities, technical colleges and other bodies in demand driven research to promote industrial technology development.
  3. In compliance to direction of Rector COMSATS University Islamabad, the Energy Research Centre in collaboration with Punjab Energy Department (PEECA) organized the training program for four Sri Lankan Engineers w.e.f. 21st Jan 2019 to 2nd 2019. Three (3) Sri Lankan Engineers arrived at COMSATS University Lahore on 19th Jan 2019 (one dropped due to some problems in Sri Lanka) and their formal training started on 21st Jan 2019. Names of the engineers are given below:
    • Nanayakkara Argarage Thilaka Dharmapriya Dias Gunasekara, (Surname: Gunasekara).
    • Jayasinghe Arachchilage Piyasiri Vijitha Jayasinghe (Surname: Jayasinghe).
    • Priyanandana Meegama Withanage Thilani Preksha (Surname: Priyanandana)
  4. The training program comprised of five theoretical lectures on energy auditing tools and methods, introduction to electrical appliances (motors, ACs, lights etc), power quality issues and energy management best practices, thermal energy and HVAC systems, energy efficiency issues of pumps, energy management standards ISO 50001 as well as hands on experience and practical demonstration of energy auditing of buildings (lighting, ACs, motors), pumps and industry equipment. 3 day local visits including visit to GCU Lahore, local industries (Monnoo & Koh-e-Noor Textile Mills) were also conducted for practical knowledge and to understand the energy efficiency needs for the industry and buildings.
  5. Training program completed on 1st Feb 2019 and the Sri Lanka engineers were given certificates as well as shields on closing ceremony. The guest engineers left for Sri Lanka on 2nd 2019.
  6. In parallel to imparting the training to Sri Lanka engineers, meetings were also held between COMSATS experts (ERC, CE, IRCBMs) and the Sri Lanka engineers for developing new activities and joint projects on energy, materials science and industry need based technologies. It was agreed to strengthen collaborative efforts between both the two institutes in future. Joint projects shall be submitted to NSF Sri Lanka and PSF Pakistan.