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Micro, Nano-magnetic Materials and devices Research Group

To do state of art science, we need state of art facilities. Such a facility has been developed at the Department of Physics which includes the advanced equipment to do the imaging as well as spectroscopic analysis. We are pleased to announce the successful installation of an Atomic Force Microscope to do nano-scale science. The AFM uses a two-dimentional flexure stage to scan the sample in the XY direction, and a stacked piezoelectric actuator to scan the probe cantilever in the Z direction only. This decoupled motion of z-scanner demonstrates high orthogonality and an excellent out-of-plane motion profile. The AFM not only includes all the basic imaging modes e.g. contact, non-contact and tapping mode but also gives the advantage to magnetic domain analysis, nano-indentation and electronic property analysis.
At the same time, the laboratory also includes the facility of inverted optical microscope to do live imaging with the magnification upto 100x. The area is soon to house a UV-VIS spectrometer and Raman/PL spectroscopy system to determine the optical characteristics of the grown structures. "

Our major objectives are:

The focus of our research group is to investigate the micro and nanosizedamorphous and crystallinemagnetic materials, which find wide range applications in various fields. The synthesis and characterizations of the magnetic materials are the main objectives of the MNM&D research group. Fabrication of magnetic devices is also main focus of the group. Due to their applications in various fields, multi-scale theoretical and computational techniques will be adopted to simulate and design the devices. In current scenario, we aim to get the unique properties of these nano-structured magnetic materials for the improvement of their functionality.

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