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Plasma Physics Research Group

The Scientific community now a days working to resolvethe issue of energy demands of the world being various means. The plasma physics is one the solution to generate fusion energy on earth which has almost negligible pollution e.g., ITER, MAST, JET etc. The basic problem to attain this goal is the confinement which is based on stability mechanism through avoiding different instabilities and introducing different diagnostic and geometries of tokamak plasmas. Group is currently working in both theoretical and experimental studies of tokamak  and laboratory plasmas.

The Solar wind coming from the Sun interacts with the earth magnetic field and leads to different impacts on the earth environment through disturbing the communication and storms formation. The group has expertise to study the solar wind interaction with the earth through study of linear and nonlinear wave and instabilities and to explain the observations through numerical simulation and/or data analysis.

The star formation possibly happens due to the well-known Jeans instability. The group also works with different phenomena related to jeans instability in astrophysical plasmas.

  • Study of solar wind interaction with earth magnetic field
  • Possible Explanation of¬† Coronal heating problem through drift waves.
  • The gravitational waves to study different types of Jeans Instability.
  • To enhance Pakistan capabilities in this field of physics; to help grow the Pak scientific community in this area through interaction with university researchers around the world;
  • To provide high quality data to the Fusion community to help validate large scale computer codes.
  • To promote scientific interactions between members of our laboratory and scientist at the International laboratories on fusion plasma physics.
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