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Welcome                 Subject Librarian       
The purpose of this subject guide is to help you quickly locate the best resources for your research and to learn about resources that you may not know about.

Each tab above leads to the resources in those areas. The Databases tab has databases that index the Humanities literature and link over to available full text materials, and the   Journals tab lists the full text journal packages. The Open Access tab lists resources that are freely available on the Internet.

For assistance in using the library resources or conducting literature research contact your subject librarian.

All suggestions, additions, recommendations or comments to this subject guide are welcome. 

Your Subject Librarian help you in:

  • Searching and finding relevent material in CUILahore library
  • Searching and finding scholarly materials like journals, articles and other research publications specificly related to your areas.
  • Finding other services to support your research e.g inter-library loan service, pro-active service and current awareness service etc.

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