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IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Computer Society produces peer-reviewed, technical journals, magazines, books, and conference publications, in addition to online courses, certification programs, conferences, career development services, and networking opportunities. IEEE Computer Society publications are led and governed by the Publications Board, which includes operations committees for each publishing line.

The Associations are the Association of Computer Engineers and the Association of Computer Engineers and Technicians.

The Associations are non-profit making, having been established in 2004 to promote professional standards within the IT industry, the Associations have more than 14,000 Members Worldwide (December 2011).

The Associations were formed by IT professionals who identified the need for professional standards, vital to the integrity and future wellbeing of the IT industry, a view supported by those seeking professionalism within the sector. Upon acceptance an accredited Member is allowed to append ACE or ACET after their personal name, and may apply to have their business or personal name appended to the Associations domain name, with site benefits.

 IEEE-Student Branch office

Contact Details:
1st floor, Department of Electrical Engineering

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road

Lahore - Pakistan.