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Graduates of MIT's electrical engineering and computer science department work in diverse industries and conduct research in a broad range of areas. Here are some lectures regarding electrical engineering.  



 The courses and lectures cover a wide variety of subjects on electronics and electrical engineering: electromagnetics, digital electronics, digital signal processing, digital communication, microelectronic circuits, nanoelectronics, power electronics, solid state devices, VLSI design, etc. 


 VideoLectures.NET is a website for academic talks launched February 6, 2007. It hosts free online video lectures from open learning incentives such as MIT OpenCourseWare, and many others. Its videos are from research subjects of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, and mostly Computer Science.


 Pharmaceutical Science is a multidisciplinary science, where a lots of subjects are gathered with numerous matters. Sometimes theoretical study on different topics covered by different disciplines are not sufficient to pick up the actual juice of knowledge, hence regarding animations or videos (e-Practical) can be beneficial one for better understanding of that theoretical study. This page will provide you a lots of animations & videos on distinct areas of pharmaceutical sciences. Find your required clips form here for your future need.


 The Video Library is a collection of free, high quality videos of educational events that have taken place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.