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Thesis / Dessertation Project Reports in CIIT Lahore Library



Includes MPhil and PhD thesis produced in Pakistan,often available in full-text.
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These project reports are available in CIIT Library in hard form. For detail please click here


Accession   # Title Call # Submitted By
3501 TO study and design   anemometer 530 Aamir Usman
3502 Applications of mach   zehnder interferometer 530 Aamir Usman , Bilal   Ramzan
3503 Phytoremediation of waste   waster 530 Shahbaz Khan


Study of one dimension al   FDTD algorithm 530 Anas Farooqi
3505 Thermal energy content   (BETA) of plasma


Habib ur Rehman

3506 To calculate non relativistic scattering cross sec 530 Abdul Wahab
3507 Syhthesis of magnetic iron nanoparticles and its a 530

Adeela Mahmood


Generation of Electricty   by pelton wheel 530 Syed Adnan Ijaz
3509 Quality control of dose   calibrator in nuclear medi 530 Asma Hina Tahir
3510 Amplitude and amplitude   squared squeezing of pseud 530 Muhammad Kaleem Ullah
3511 Nonclassical features of   two mode superposition co 530 Syed Hamad Hussain   Bukhari
3512 Entangled coherent states   based on even odd cohere 530 Muhammad Iqbal Hussain
3513 Design and fibrication of   prototype transversely e 530  
3514 Higher order squeezing   for superposition of cohere 530 Sehrish Azam
3515 Study of shafranov shift   by the simplest grad shaf 530 Kanwal Zulfiqar
3516 Superoperators for   nuclear magetic resonance (NMR) 530

Osama Usman