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CIIT Lahore Library organized the books as per Dewey Decimial Classification Schemew (DDC).  Through DDC classification system, books has been organized subject wise and easy to library users to searah their material easily. Books are organized numerically, alphabetically, and you can use this scheme to browse the shelves and find books covering similar topics shelved together. Below are some important classification numbers in the area of Physics and its allied subjects. 

Title Author Call No
Fundamentals of physics Halliday, David 530
Physics 2 Halliday, David 530.22
The fourth state of matter Eliezer, Shalom <> Eliezer, Yaffa 530.44
Introduction to Mathematical Physics Wrong, Chunn 530.15
Introductory Quantum Mechanics Liboff, richard 530.12
Statistical mechanics Dorlas, Teunis C  
Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics Wisdom,jack 530.133
The structure of Matter Berry, Stephen r. <> rice, stuart A. 530.12
Physics 2 Halliday, David 530.22
Transport phenomena Bird, R Byron 530.138
Foundations Of Electromagnetic Theory Reitz, John R. <> Frederick J .Milford, Robert W. Christy 530.141
Gravity An Introduction To Einstein's General Relativity Hartle, James B. 530.1121
Introduction To Solid-State Theory Madelung, Otfried <> Taylor , B.C. 530.41
Quantum Mechanics Peebles,P.J.E <> Powell, John L 530.12
Quantum physics Gasiorowicz, stephen 530.12
Introduction To Solids Azaroff, Leonid V 530..4121
Mathematical physics Verma, P D S 530.15
Hydrodynamic Flow Instabilities In Power Equipment Components Khabensky,Vladimir B. <> Vladimir A. Gerliga 530.1321
The Classical Theory of Fields Landau, L . D. <> E. M. Lifshitz 530.14
Physical Kinetics Lifshitz, E.M <> L.P.Pitaevskii 530.4419
Statistical Physics Landau, L.D. <> E.M. Lifshitz <> L.P.Pitaevskii 530.1320
Introducing Special Relativity Williams,w.s.c. 530.11
Mathematical physics Verma, P D S 530.15
Quantum Mechanics Peebles,P.J.E <> Powell, John L 530.12
Modern Physics for Engineers Singh, Jasprit 530.02462

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ACC # Title Author Call #
Physics Serway, Jewett 530
19048 Plasma Physics Dinklage, A.  530.442
19055 Problem book in quantum field theory Radovanovic, Voja. 530.143
19056 Quantum mechanics Merzbacher, Eugen 530.12
19057 Quantum mechanics Bohm, Arno 530.12
19058 Quantum Mechanics Majumdar, Rabi. 530.12
19061 Schaum's Outline Fundamentals of Physics with applications Beiser, Arthur. 530
19062 University Physics Young, Hugh D. 530
19064 Solid state physics structure and properties of materials Wahab, M.A 530.41
19071 The Feynman Lectures on Physics Feynman, Richard P. 530
19077 Theoretical astrophysics Padmanabhan, T. 530.01
19078 Theoretical astrophysics Padmanabhan, T. 530.01
19079 Theoretical Astrophysics Padmanabhan, T. 530.01
19726 The feynman lectures on physics Feynman 530