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Laboratory Manuals
includes regularly revised laboratory manuals for the following introductory physics courses:

  • PHYS 1101 & 1102 - Introductory College Physics I & II (algebra-based)

  • PHYS 1201 & 1202 - Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I & II (calculus-based)

  • PHYS 1301 & 1302 - Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I & II (calculus-based)

  • PHYS 1001 - Energy & the Environment

 The MIT Department of Physics has been a national resource since the turn of the 20th century.Here are some lectures regarding Physics.       


is a discussion community dedicated to all sciences with over 385,000 members and growing.


NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in  Physics Engineering, Science and humanities streams. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of Physics education in the country by providing free online courseware.

 is a website for academic talks launched February 6, 2007. It hosts free online video lectures from open learning incentives such as MIT OpenCourseWare, and many others. Its videos are from research subjects of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, and mostly Computer Science.