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Title Submitted by
Fuzzy relational equations and their role in diagn Sadaf Shakoor
On unsteady flow of a non-Newtonian fluid with pre  Sadia Nazir
Topology of plane curves  Aisha Javed
Exact solutions for the unsteady flow of non-newto  Sehrish Iftikhar
Poset's partitions and stanley decomposition  Shahid Mehmood
Super (a,d)-edge antimagic total labeling of foret  M.Sam Razzaq
New multi-step iterative methods for the solution  Ayesha Inam Pasha
Fuzzy relational equations and their role in diagn  Sadaf Shakoor
On unsteady flow of a non-Newtonian fluid with pre  Sadia Nazir
Algebraic structure of hyper graphs  Amina Inam
Magic labling of type (1, 1, 1)  Saadia Ashfaq
Optimally blended spectral finite elements scheme  Hafiz Iqbal
Antimagic total labeling on subdivision of trees  Tayyeba Shafqat
On numerical solutions of some boundary value prob  Sidra Athar
Application of sumudu transform to unsteady flow  Muhammad Bilal Riaz
Dispersion free finite difference scheme for time  Muhammad Sarmad Arshad
Algebraic structures associated to spanning trees  Hala Tahir
Total labelings on some classes of graphs  Fizzah Aleem
Flow of oldroy-B fluid between two oscillating cy  Izzat Fatima
 Algebra associated to the directed graphs  Ayesha Zahid
 MHD couette and poiseuille flow of a third grade  Mohsin Kamran