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CIIT Lahore Library organized the books as per Dewey Decimial Classification Schemew (DDC).  Through DDC classification system, books has been organized subject wise and easy to library users to search their material easily. Books are organized numerically, alphabetically, and you can use this scheme to browse the shelves and find books covering similar topics shelved together. Below are some important classification numbers in the area of Mathematics and its allied subjects.


Subject Classification#

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics


Discrete mathematics with applications


Analytical and computational methods Advanced engineering mathematics 


Finite mathematics with calculus 


Discrete mathematics for computer scientists


Business mathematics and statistics 


Advanced engineering mathematics


Discrete Mathematic


Mathematics for Economic


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 New arrival in CIIT Lahore Library 

Acc# Title Author Call #
Introduction to statistics Walpole, Ronald E. 519.5
18896 An introduction to probability Feller, William 519.5
18897 An introduction to probability Feller, William 519.5
18898 Applied statistics Mukhopadhyay, Parimal 519.5
18908 Multivariate analysis and its applications Bhuyan, K. C. 519.535
18911 Probability distribution theory and statistical inference Bhuyan, K C 519.5
18912 Probability Models for computer science Ross, Sheldon M. 519.2
18913 Statistics for business and economics Taneja, Pawan 519.5
18914 Stochastic Process Ross, Sheldon 519.232
19183 Statistics for the behavioral sciences Gravetter frederick J 519-50243
19199 Probability and statistics Walpole, Ronald E. 519.02
19200 Linear programming sensitivity analysis and related topics Derhy, Marie France 519.72
19203 Mathematical statistics Shao, Jun 519.5