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Newspaper Clipping

 November 2017

Jawaid Bokhari ,Efficiency gain in fiscal devolution ,The Dawn November 27, 2017, p.02

Hafiza Pashaand Shahid kardar, Managing without the IMF ,The Dawn November 28, 2017, p.08

Waqar Masood Khan, Economics Reforms,The BusinessNovember 29, 2017, p-07

Shahid Kardar, If we knock on IMF`s doors, The Dawn November 05, 2017, p-08

Jawaid Bokhari, Extractive tax policies discourage compliance, The November 06, 2017, p-02

Muhammad Zahid Raffat,Achievable economic targets, The Nation November 06, 2017, p 07

October 2017

Mohiuddin Aazim, Banks`growing romance with car industry, The Dawn October 23, 2017 p-01

KhaleeqKiani ,Dar`s difficulties,The Dawn October 23, 2017, p-01

Khurram Husain, Talking about the economy, The Dawn October 26, 2017, p-08

Jawad Majid Khan,Economy races to a tipping point,The Dawn October 30, 2017, p-03

Amir Mustafa and Noor-e-Hera,Non-tariff barriers hinder exports between China and Pakistan,The Dawn October 30, 2017, p-03

JawaidBokhar,GDP`s evolutionary dynamics,The Dawn October 30, 2017, p-02

Mohsin Raza Malik,A Neo Malthusian catastrophe,  The Nation, 13 October, 2017, p-07

September 2017

Sakab Sheran,Economic pressure points,The dailyDawn, September 01, 2017, p-08

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik, Transparency of CPEC, The Nation, 05 September 2017, p-06

Mohiuddin Aazim, Bankers smell a rat in timing of HBL penalty, The Daily Dawn, September 05,2017, P-02

Dr Kamal Monnoo,Elusive Productivity , The Nation, 13 September 2017, p-06

Mohsin Raza Malik,A Neo Malthusian catastrophe, The Nation, 13 September 2017, p-07 S

Sana Saghir, Sea blindness a perennial problem , The Nation, 13 September 2017, p-07

Hassnain Javed, Is Gwadar a toll plaza,The Nation, 16 September 2017, p-07

Gauher Aftab, A Greater Pakistan, The Nation, 17 September 2017, p-07

Muhammad Zahid RaffatSustaining economic growth, The Nation, 20 September 2017, p.07

Nadeem Hussain, Banking 2017: The walk towards extinction, The News, 27 September 2017, p-06

August 2017

Hussain H Zaidi, The myth of economic progress, the news, p. 07, Aug 11, 2017

De Muhammad Shafique, Managing a controversy, the news, p. 06, Aug 04, 2017

July 2017

Anjum Altaf, Plain truths about the economy, Dawn, p. 6, July 25, 2017

Rafia Zakaria, Modesty and fashion, Dawn, p. 8, July 26, 2017

Farhan Bokhari, Half empty, Dawn, p. 9, July 24, 2017

Ishrat Husain, Tariffs, trade and taxation, Dawn, p. 8, july 10, 2017

Ignacio Artaza, Financing SDGs, Dawn, p. 9, july 20, 2017

Dr Murad Ali, The aid fectors, p. 6, July 31, 2017

Shahid Kardar, Understanding CPEC, Dawn, p. 8, July 17, 2017Dr Murad Ali, Dealing with disaster, the news, p. 6, July 11, 2017

Imtiaz Alam, Accountability and democracy must go together,the news, p. 6, July 14, 2017Khurram Husain, Advancing CPEC by stealth, Dawn, p. 8, July 20, 2017

June 2017

Imtiaz Alam, It’s the political economy, The News, p. 06, June 3, 2017

Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, Law to regulate budget, Dawn, p. 08, June 20, 2017

Pervaiz Hasan, State of economy, Dawn, p. 09, June 20, 2017

Yasir cheema, Looking beyond the promise, The News, p. 07, June 19, 2017Nasir Iqbal, The optimal level, The News, p. 06, June 06, 2017

Imtiaz Alam, not taking sides in the middle East, The News, p. 06, June 16, 2017Murtaza Shibli, Russia calling, The News, p. 06, June 17, 2017

Feisal Naqvi, Lumpy development and the Coase theorem, The News, p. 06, June 14, 2017Malik Muhammad Ashraf, On the right track, The News, p. 06, June 14, 2017

Malik Mhammad Ashraf, Budget 2017-2018: an anodyne view, The News, p. 06, June 01, 2017M Saeed Khalid, Trump’s mercantile diplomacy, The News, p. 06, June 02, 2017