General Submission Guidelines

English is the official language for all communications. Participants can choose among different types of submission formats, including Single Paper, Poster and roundtable. All abstracts are submitted via the E-mail id The first author of an abstract is considered to be the presenter of the paper at the conference.The guidelines and requirements for submitting will be provided to the presenter by the organization committee through E-mail once their abstract or proposal is accepted.

Submissions are encouraged on the sub-themes given below:

Submission Formats

Abstracts must be submitted between 20 – 25 July, 2016. Each submission will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee. Reviewers will evaluate the submissions for quality and conference fit. Some very good submissions that do not incorporate the theme may be accepted, if there is room. A description of the types of submissions and the procedure for submitting proposals is presented below.

Paper: An oral presentation (approximately 10 minutes) that summarizes an empirical investigation or theoretical analysis of a topic

Poster: A visual presentation (on a 4’ by 8’ poster) which summarizes an empirical investigation or theoretical analysis of a topic

Roundtable: A one-hour discussion on a specific theme or issue. The roundtable is led by one or two speakers. The speakers could begin with a 10-15 minute presentation that introduces the topics or provides material that helps defining the issues. Colleagues who attend the roundtable sessions will have the opportunities to participate in the discussions.

Submission Requirements