WMAAG 2016

This workshop is a continuation of our previous workshop on Modern Aspects of Algebra and Graph Theory, which was held at Department of Mathematics, CIIT, Lahore, on March 27-28, 2015. More than two hundred audiences comprising of young scholars of graduate studies and different productive researchers from all parts of Pakistan, had participated in this workshop. The second phase will offer a venue to exchange knowledge and develop skills required for the subjects of algebra and graph theory to the young mathematicians of Pakistan. The students will learn the advanced topics and applications of these subjects in our daily life.

Another aspect of this workshop is to bring active researchers of these fields together, interact with audience, share experience, and formulate ideas. This will serve as an international platform to inculcate research interest among young minds. It will also help the researchers to have collaborative research activities in future.


SAGBI Bases, Gallai Simplicial Complexes, Labeled Graphs to Compute Cohomology of Configuration Spaces, Algebras Associated with Isotone Maps between Posets, Isoradial Graphs form a particular Family of Planar Graph, Computation of Hilbert Depth, Metric Dimension, Applications of Young Tableaux, Distinguishing Sets, Metric Dimension, Finite Group Rings.