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High Energy Physics Research Group
index High Energy physics is the study of the basic constituents of matter and the forces acting among them. It aims to determine the fundamental laws that control the make-up of matter and the physical universe. The research in High Energy physics mainly involves particle accelerators and detectors. Beams of particles such as electrons or protons are hurled at high speeds in the accelerators and then collided. The plethora of information contained in the data of these apparently chaotic collisions carries the hints about the underlying physics. It is the job of experimental high energy physicists to uncover the mysteries of fundamental laws from the huge sets of raw data.
Our major objectives are:
  • To study the Fundamental Building blocks of all things.
  • To Understand the disparity between matter and anti-matter.
  • To understand how the current universe evolved from the big bang.
  • To understand the source of mysterious Dark Matter and study Nucleosynthesis
  • To work and learn about the cutting edge technologies in detectors and accelerators.
  • To understand Hybrid mesons using potential models
  • To understand Meson Meson system with and without gluonic excitations
  • To produce quality research publications.
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