Clean Energy

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Clean Energy Research Group
Clean Energy Technology is a unique umbrella project which covering/promote the application of renewable technologies extending to the future sustainable energy.
To overcome current energy crisis of Pakistan:
The objectives are:-
  • To design high efficient and more stable materials through DFT approach
  • To develop functional nanocomposite materials for Fuel cells and Li-Ion batteries
  • To boost the solar cell efficiency by Quantum Dots
  • Development of cost effective energy storage devices like: batteries, super-capacitor etc.
  • To develop prototype of energy conversion devices
  • To find investments from industries for commercialization of the technology
  • Investigation and feasibility of quantum-dot-based materials in new-generation fuel cells
  • To develop Fuel cell based Hybrid &Polygeneration system
  • To fabricate thin films for photovoltaic cell
  • To synthesis metal oxide nano structures for dye-sensitized solar cell
  • ┬áTo use solar technology for solar heater, solar dryer and solar cooker applications