Machine vision and machine intelligence is one of the leading research fields today. This belongs to the automation of systems by merely sensing the environment. The digital world has open ways to build big data. A large amount of such data is in the form of images; and image processing is the technique to discover it in novel ways. The machine senses the scene based on sensors including digital cameras. It learns from the sensed data and develops intelligence based on mathematical hypothesis, which leads it to autonomous decision making. Machine vision is the science of interpreting the environment through visual information sensed by the camera, and machine learning is the art of using the sensed data for developing artificial intelligence.


  • To suggest the Final Year Projects (FYPs) to the Final year students and guide them to convert it into the useful and need oriented prototypes/products
  • To conduct research to address the problems of local industry/government
  • To publish the research in the journals of international repute
  • To establish collaboration with national and international research groups