The advancements in Mobile Cellular Communications have revolutionized the concepts of connectivity, reliability and ease of communication. Mobile cellular networks have received widespread approval and appreciation from masses. However, better Quality of Service (QoS) and resource management requirements have introduced several new challenges for researchers. These include channel assignment, bandwidth utilization, call queuing and mobility management etc.

Current Projects

Since its establishment, MCN has focused on the problems of scheduling algorithms related to HSDPA & LTE networks, handling of real time and non real time traffic, resource management and handoff call queuing in Cellular Mobile Networks. Detailed simulative analysis was performed for heterogeneous traffic conditions and a test bed for QoS estimation is already developed. Apart from this, members of the research group have other diverse research interests including wireless sensor networks. The group has number of publications to date, with many others in pipeline. The details of the publications can be seen through the member`s profile on the CIIT Lahore website.

Several undergraduate Final Year Projects are also in progress under the supervision of group members. These projects are geared towards prototype development and practical solutions to current problems.

Future Plans

The group aims to conduct research and development in the areas of dynamic wireless resource management, Quality of service (QoS), security and mobility management in Next Generation Cellular Mobile Networks.