Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni
ATIS Research Group


Agent Technologies

Any system which has the ability to take a flexible autonomous action in a dynamic, unpredictable and open environment is referred to as an agent. Agent technology has a great impact on all spheres of society and it has become one of the most dynamic, demanding and exciting domains of computer science nowadays. In addition to the ambient intelligence domain, aimed at having a ubiquitous computing environment with the focus of providing invisible support for humans, it has many more application domains in which it can play a vital role in future developments. For example, efficient use of high performance infrastructures in science, engineering, and medicine will be possible only with the help of multi-agent systems. Similarly, in e-businesses, information gathering tasks are being carried out using agent-based approaches. In short, agent technology has its application ranging from computer sciences to bioinformatics, engineering to ecology, transportation systems to space technology and many more.

Information Systems

Information systems are implemented in an enterprise to improve effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. However, modern enterprises have to deal with continuously changing environment to stay competitive in the market. This has paved the way for rapid development and adaptation of modern information systems i.e. systems that support the use of business processes in an organization. These are particular type of work system that manages and executes operational processes involving people, applications and information sources on the basis of process models.

Group Focus

The research at ATIS group focuses on different aspects related to autonomous agents and multi-agent systems like agent oriented programming languages, agent oriented software engineering, autonomous and multi-agent planning, human ambience, ubiquitous and pervasive computing etc. In information systems, the research at ATIS group particularly concentrates on investigating methods, tools and techniques for modeling, and analysis of data-aware and process-aware information systems.