Research Wing

Research and development plays a critical role towards success of any organization. ORIC, CUI Lahore has a separate Research Wing which encourages research initiatives of various academic and non-academic departments as well as students of CUI Lahore campus.

Departmental Research Projects

The departmental research projects of researchers and faculty are routed by ORIC Lahore for obtaining research grants/ findings from national and international funding agencies. For this purpose SOPs are developed for publishing research paper in journals, obtaining research grants and travel grants for study and presentation of research papers aboard.

Campus Research Forum

The purpose of research forum is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, a gathering for diffusion of information, discussions and motivations for faculty. This forum is multidisciplinary and distinct from the research groups currently present in the university.


Create and support a research intensive environment


Provide support to faculty’s research endeavors and expand the research capacity and research portfolio of the faculty.

Goals and strategies

  1. Fostering competitiveness in discovery, research and innovative activities.
  2. Enhancing and supporting research excellence as measured by the record of peer-reviewed research publications, grants and awards.
  3. Promoting research development and mentorship within the faculty.
  4. Establishing a systematic support to research related activities within the faculty.
  5. Encouraging and increasing the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in research.
  6. Supporting and facilitating efforts to establish research teams within the context of intra and inter-disciplinary partnerships.
  7. Implementing strategies to promote success with intra and extra-mural research funding.

The Corporate R&D Support Program

In addition to supporting early-stage technology companies, the ORIC provides assistance to corporate research and development divisions or special product, service or marketing units of established companies that seek access to the faculty and facilities of CUI Lahore. Potential corporate members are usually referred to ORIC by provincial government organizations, economic development organizations and are accepted as part of ORIC’s mission of helping technology-based corporations that seek to locate or expand in Lahore. The program offers direct contact with CUI researchers, access to laboratory equipment, and access to library resources.