C2: Cubator 2

C2- Cubator 2 is business start-up incubator initiated by ORIC at CUI Lahore in Fall 2015. It aims to facilitate aspiring student entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to change their business dreams into reality. A project of ORIC, Cubator 2 will select students based onto their innovative yet workable business ideas, and would provide them the necessary training for start-up of business.

C2 is essentially an extension of Cubator launched by COMSATS University Islamabad in 2014 under the directives of Prof. Dr. Qaiser Abbass (present CUI Lahore Director). After the successful venture with Cubator launched by the Principal Seat; C2 is launched at CUI Lahore.

C2 is open to students, faculty and staff to come up with business proposals year around for the purpose of commercialization.

The students whose business proposals are selected by ORIC are provided six months of free facilities such as office space, workstations, free internet, landline number, business support and extensive mentoring and training by industry experts.

The faculty and staff members whose business ideas are selected after screening by ORIC team and external reviewers with business and financial expertise gets the following support form ORIC: business support, marketing & sales, customer support, trademark registration and Patent Filing.