Professional Development

Professional Development Wing

The Professional Development Wing is developed to conduct multidisciplinary trainings for faculty, staff and students of CUI Lahore in the following tiers: a) Health & Safety b) Student Entry Level c) Entry level- Mid Career d) Senior Management (corporate).

ORIC Internal Trainings

To familiarize faculty and staff with their roles and responsibilities inside and outside university premises, ORIC Lahore conducted several internal trainings for professional development. These trainings ensures that essential job tasks are performed; correctly, consistently and in conformance with internally approved procedures. More than 20 such trainings have been imparted by Manager ORIC to faculty and staff of different departments.

ORIC External Trainings

ORIC invites professionals from corporate to conduct inspirational training sessions with faculty, staff and students of CUI Lahore. The purpose of such trainings is to give industry insight and exposure to students especially for their upcoming career development in these industries. Moreover health and safety trainings are also conducted to aware the faculty, staff and student to overcome any emergency situation at and off campus.

Recently one such training was organized at campus through Rescue 1122 mutual collaboration with ORIC Lahore. This particular training addressed “Basic Life Safety Training Techniques” to overcome any emergency situation at and off campus. Around 45 participants including faculty, staff and students attended this interactive training session.

Trainings in the other three tiers Student Entry Level, Entry level- Mid Career and Senior Management (corporate) are in the planning phase by ORIC Lahore.