Network Solutions

The Network wing of CITC Solutions provide consultation, advice and implementation of networks of any size with any number of users. We provide the latest in commercial as well as residential networking solutions, Hardware repair and maintenance.

Our specialty lies in providing solutions for the most complex Internet and networking problems that are encountered by large organizations and Internet-related companies. We can correctly optimize design, install and optimize your network so that your company's computers and network operate smoothly and efficiently.

With more than 20 technical and highly skilled people, who are expert in Network Layout, Design and Deployment, your business can get your very own "network" with in no time. Our support staff of the Networking wing can pin-point your problem(s), and get your system up and running quickly and efficiently.

We provide Networking Solutions in the following areas:

Network Design
Network Deployment
Messaging & Collaboration Solutions
Network Security Services
Remote Office Connectivity
Network Analysis Services
Network Integration Services
WAN Setups
Network Maintenance
Hybrid Networks
Network & Computer Accessories Repair and Maintenance

Network Solutions

VPN Access

Software Development

Web Development

Graphic Design

Offshore Development

IT Consultancy


Data Entry