an imageCUI has made unprecedented progress during the last ten years as an institution of higher education. After starting from a couple of borrowed rooms it has become a major university of the country with seven campuses housed in custom-made buildings with modern laboratories, vast libraries and most modern computing facilities. This remarkable progress has been achieved through visionary leadership coupled with the dedication of all the persons associated with the cause. Right from the beginning a lot of emphasis has been given to the quality education by inducting a number of prominent learned persons who are known for their contribution in the field of higher education. These ladies and gentlemen of have successfully started undergraduate and graduate programs and have brought CUI among the top universities of Pakistan. A formal system of quality enhancement of the academic programs is in place at the institute. Specific guidelines are built to enhance the quality of education and young faculty is bound to develop and organize academic programs around these guidelines and deliver quality education. If a program is properly defined, consciously woven around these points, we can save time, energy and resources and produce far-reaching results than otherwise. The contents of each parameter however, must be measurable and in documented form to direct and enrich our academic endeavors.

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A Quality Education System

The quality of an education system is normally based on a number of important factors. These factors are implemented and evaluated on a periodic basis to ensure a high quality education. These factors are interlinked and a combined execution of these factors is necessary for a high quality education system. An overview of these important factors is given below

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  • Development of the criteria and standards for an academic program
  • Carrying out assessment surveys to see how these criteria and standards are being met.
  • Writing of the Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) on the basis of 1 & 2
  • Review of the SARs by a panel of experts from within the various campuses of the CUI or from other universities as deemed fit by the Rector.
  • Submission of the assessment report by the experts and its presentation to the HOD and the faculty of the concerned department.
  • Development and implementation of the actions to be taken by the department after seeking the approval of the Rector.
  • Analyzing the effect of actions taken on the improvement of quality of education