Getting Started
How can I get a library card / Membership ?
All registered members with valid COMSATS ID Card are entitled to borrow library materials
How do I borrow books?
What should I do if I lose my Library card?

Borrowing Books
How many books can I borrow?
For how long may I keep a book?
Can I renew my book?
How do I renew my books?
How can I know about the due date?
Can someone else check out books for me?

How can I get a book that someone else has checked out?
What happens when someone wants a book I have?

Returning Books
Can someone else return my books for me?
What happens if I return a book late?
What happens if I lose a book?
What happens if I damage library materials?
I like to use highlighters and pencils for notation. Is this "damage"?

How much fine do I have to pay on an overdue item?
How do I pay fines?
What happens if I don't pay my fines?

Library Resources / Services
What kind of library services, CUI library have?
How can I search / access the library resources?
What kind of library services, the CUI have?