Digital Resources

Following digital resources (full text) are available for faculty and student of CUI Lahore

HEC eBrary
The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has provided 40,000 online books access to COMSATS University Islamabad in addition to 23,000 journals that have been made available through the Digital Library Programme. The e-books support programme will allow CUI teaching staff, researchers and students to access most of the important text and reference books electronically in a variety of subject areas.
E-Library DOES research:

  • Discover content from leading publishers.
  • Optimize online viewing and navigation with the ebrary Reader.
  • Expand research with Info Tools.
  • Save and manage research through a Personal Bookshelf and automatic citations.

E-Library offers e-books from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas along with powerful research tools with Academic Complete™!
Download e-books onto multiple devices. And try ebrary’s app for the Android or iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

HEC Digital Library
HEC National Digital Library (DL) is a programme to provide researchers within public and private universities in Pakistan and non-profit research and development organizations with access to international scholarly literature based on electronic (online) delivery, providing access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, articles and e-Books across a wide range of disciplines. The e-books support programme will allow researchers to access most of the important text and reference books electronically in a variety of subject areas. Around 75,000 number of electronic content has been made available through the Digital Library Programs. Following full text databases are available for CUI Lahore Faculty, Staff and Students.
American Association of Physics Teachers
AAPT publications provide up to date physics knowledge, at a level comprehensible for many readers. Two major peer-reviewed journals, the American Journal of Physics and The Physics Teacher provide a medium for sharing methods and research about teaching physics at introductory and advanced levels.
American Institute of Physics
AIP Journals comprehensively cover developments in physics, industrial applications, and advances in scientific computing, from 1975 to the present from a collection of 11 Journals and conference proceedings dating back to 2000.
American Mathematical Society
The AMS provide full-text online access its four journals as well as the MathSciNet database, covering international mathematical literature since 1940. MathSciNet provides web access to the bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research literature contained in the Mathematical Reviews Database.
APS Journals
American Physical Society publishes leading internal research journals about Physics with a mission to advance and diffuse knowledge of Physics.
Association for Computing Machinery
The ACM Digital Library contains over 1,385,000 full text articles, including the full text from 28 ACM Journals and Transactions, 10 ACM Magazines, over 40 ACM Special Interest Newsletters, over 100 annual conference proceedings (the proceedings archive currently has over 1800 volumes), and 15 non-ACM journals and publications.
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press publishes nearly 200 peer-reviewed academic journals across a wide spread of subject areas. Cambridge Journals Online is the online content delivery service for Cambridge University Press’s collection of nearly 200 leading journals. Subject Strengths includes: Politics, Linguistics, Social Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Science and Medicine.
Emerald is a highly valuable resource containing full text access to the world's widest range of management and library & information services journals. The entire collection contains over 150 titles, with leading titles in marketing, business disciplines, engineering and materials science. Service Strengths, Full text of all 150+ Emerald online journals available, with full text back files, many going back to 1990’s abstracts going back in some cases to 1980’s.
Institute Of Physics
The Institute of Physics is a leading international professional body and learned society, established to promote the advancement and dissemination of physics. It publishes peer reviewed journals in the subject areas like Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Applied Physics, Computer Science, Condensed Matter and Materials Science, High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Measurement Science and Sensors, Medical and Biological Physics, Optical, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Plasma Physics, Physics Education. CUI has electronic access to the journals of Institute of Physics. We do have access to issues published since 1996 where available.
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
The IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) provides access to almost a third of the world’s current electrical engineering and computer science literature, featuring high-quality content from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). IEL provides full-text access to many top-cited journals in the field, including 132 IEEE and 45 IEE journals, magazines, transactions and conference proceedings as well as active IEEE standards over one million documents in all.
ISI Web of Knowledge
The ISI Web of Knowledge provides high-quality content and tools to access, analyze, and manage research information. It provides simultaneous access to a variety of leading research databases, including the Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and Essential Science Indicators (ESI).
JSTOR offers researchers the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated. Content in JSTOR spans many disciplines, with over 500 high-quality publications available in the archive.
Nature Publication
Nature Publication provides access to the renowned International weekly journal of science Nature.
Optical Society of America
OSA peer-reviewed journals set the publications standard for advanced optics research within each major sector of the field. With world-wide readership, OSA journals reach the full spectrum of the optics community, including scientists in the fields of physics, materials research, atmospheric studies, visual psychology, biomedical optics, physiology, and ophthalmology, as well as mechanical, computer, electrical and optical engineers. Access to 8 peer-reviewed journals that set the publications standard for advanced optics research within each major sector of the field.
Science Direct
An essential information resource for millions of scientists around the world, Science Direct is the world’s largest electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full-text and bibliographic information. Renowned for the high-quality of its content, Science Direct subject collections have been provided to selected public-sector universities in Pakistan on the basis of identified research requirements.
Science Online
Science Online is a complete research environment which provides full-text access to the prestigious Science publication.
Springer Link
One of the world’s leading information services for science, technical and medical journals, Springer Link contains premier electronic date for 503 full-text Springer Journals and 738 full-text journals formerly published by Kluwer Academic Publishing. Access is available to full text journals on computer science, mathematics, physics and astronomy, life sciences, chemical sciences, medicine, engineering, geosciences, environmental sciences, law and economics.
Wiley - Blackwell Journals
Wiley-Interscience is an STM (Science, technology, and Medicine) and SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) publisher. Introduced in 1997, Wiley InterScience is a leading international resource for scientific, technical, medical and scholarly content. In June 2008, Wiley InterScience incorporated the online content formerly hosted on Blackwell Synergy to provide access across 1,234 journals in science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences. Since the Blackwell-Synergy merger with Wiley-Interscience, all the journals available to HEC consortium are now available through Wiley-Interscience.
SciVerse (science direct, scopus, scitopics & more)
A seemingly endless number of data sources are making it increasingly difficult to find and utilize the specific, quality information that leads to scientific breakthroughs. That's about to change with the launch of SciVerse, which will offer unprecedented access to a constantly expanding universe of content and solutions resulting in more discovery with less searching. You can browse/ search scholarly resources of Science Direct, Scopus, SciTopics and targeted Web content, with community developed applications SciVerse’s one interface.

CUI Lahore Digital Library
CUI Lahore Library provides a platform to faculty and students to share their digital contents with other faculty and staff. This Digital Library holds eBooks, Audio Video Lectures of World renowned universities, VU video lectures on different subject and disciplines. To access the CUI Lahore Digital Library please access the following link:
Lancaster Library eResources

IMF eLibrary Data
Subscribers to IMF Data can use this powerful new tool to access authoritative, harmonized global statistical databases. International Financial Statistics – all aspects of international and domestic finance, with history to 1948. Direction of Trade - value of exports and imports between countries and their trading partners, with history to 1980. Balance of Payments - international economic transactions data and International Investment Position, with history to 1960. Government Finance Statistics - budgetary and extra-budgetary financial operations data of governments, with history to 1990.