New Arrivals
Acc # Subject Title Sub Title Author Classification # Edition
33036 Accounting Marketing Real people, real choices Solomon Michael R 658.8 8th
33185 Accounting Health psychology Taylor, Shelley E. 610.19000000000005 9th
33192 Accounting Educational psychology Woolfolk, Anita 370.15 13th
33291 Accounting Hydro Diplomacy Preventing water war between Nuclear Armed pakistan and india Ashfaq Mahmood 333.91
33296 Accounting Critical muslim power Sardar ziaudin 297.27199999999999 14th
33349 Accounting After The Prophet The Epic Story Of T he Shia Sunni Split Hazleton Lesley 297.80420900000001 1st
33064 Architecture and Design Islamic art and architecture 650-1250 Ettinghausen, Richard 709.17671090210001
33065 Architecture and Design Modern art in Pakistan history, tradition, place Wille, Simone 709.54909999999995
33076 Architecture and Design Architectural acoustics illustrated Ermann, Michael 729.29
33077 Architecture and Design Architectural detailing function constructibility aesthetics Allen, Edward 720
33089 Architecture and Design Fundamentals of integrated design for sustainable building Keeler, Marian 720.47
33110 Architecture and Design The course of landscape architecture a history of our designs on the natural world, from prehistory to the present Girot, Christophe 712.09
33122 Architecture and Design Architectural element 2 stairs DAMDI 721.83199999999999
33123 Architecture and Design PT Presentation for architecture Interior landscape urban installation structure remodeling parking tower space graphic design DAMDI 720.28499999999997
33124 Architecture and Design New wave in landscape design DAMDI 712
33125 Architecture and Design Architectural element 1 entrance DAMDI 720.1
33126 Architecture and Design Aaron g. green organic architecture beyond Frank Lloyd Wright Henning, Randolph C. 724.6
33127 Architecture and Design Costs of sprawl Ewing, Reid H. 711
33128 Architecture and Design The process : a new foundation in art and design Wilde, Judith; 707
33129 Architecture and Design The map design toolbox time-saving templates for graphic design Tibelius, Alexander 910
33130 Architecture and Design Drawing for architects construction and design manual Meuser, Natascha 724.6
33131 Architecture and Design Typography papers Kindel, Eric 686.22050000000002
33132 Architecture and Design Lettering large art and design of monumental typography Heller, Steven 745.61
33133 Architecture and Design New perspectives in typography Kubel, Henrik 686.22
33134 Architecture and Design The architectural detail Ford, Edward R. 720
33135 Architecture and Design Data design visualising quantities, locations, connections Mollerup, Per 745.4
33136 Architecture and Design Making it modern the history of Modernism in architecture and design Betsky, Aaron 724.6
33137 Architecture and Design Chinese houses of Southeast Asia the eclectic architecture of sojourners and settlers Knapp, Ronald G. 728.37095899999997
33138 Architecture and Design Design and national identity Gimeno Martínez, Javier 745.2
33139 Architecture and Design New mythologies in design and culture reading signs and symbols in the visual landscape Houze, Rebecca 745.40972999999997
33140 Architecture and Design The social life of materials studies in materials and society Drazin, Adam 306.45999999999998
33141 Architecture and Design Replacing home from primordial hut to digital network in contemporary art Johung, Jennifer 709.05
33142 Architecture and Design Fictions of art history Ledbury, Mark 700
33143 Architecture and Design Type on screen a guide for designers, developers, writers, and students Lupton, Ellen 686.22
33144 Architecture and Design Chinese graphic design in the twentieth century Minick, Scott 741.60951
33145 Architecture and Design Rural sociology Agarwal, Suresh 307.14120953999998
33146 Architecture and Design Vermeer, 1632-1675 veiled emotions Schneider, Norbert 759.94920000000002
33147 Architecture and Design Richard Neutra complete works Lamprecht, Barbara Mac 720.92
33148 Architecture and Design Alvar Aalto, 1898-1976 paradise for the man in the street Lahti, Louna 720.92
33149 Architecture and Design Salvador Dali Neret, Gilles 759.6
33150 Architecture and Design Cubism Ganteführer, Anne 709.04031999999995
33151 Architecture and Design Oscar Niemeyer 1907 the once and future dawn Niemeyer, Oscar 720.92
33152 Architecture and Design Case study houses Smith, Elizabeth A. T. 728.37097948999997
33153 Architecture and Design Pop art Honnef, Klaus 709.04070999999999
33154 Architecture and Design Antoni gaudí, 1852-1926 from nature to architecture Crippa, Maria Antonietta 720.92
33155 Architecture and Design Charles & Ray Eames, 1907-1978, 1912-1988 pioneers of mid-century modernism Koenig, Gloria 745.4092273
33156 Architecture and Design Francis Bacon 1909-1992 Ficacci, Luigi 759.2
33157 Architecture and Design Zaha Hadid, 1950-2016 the explosion reforming space Jodidio, Philip 720.92
33158 Architecture and Design Frank Lloyd Wright ,1867-1959 building for democracy Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks 720.92
33228 Architecture and Design Jean-Michel basquiat : 1960-1988 Emmerling, Leonhard 759.13
33229 Architecture and Design David Chipperfield architects, 1985 Jodidio, Philip 720.92
33251 Architecture and Design The fragile monument, on conservation and modernity Arrhenius, Thordis 720.28800000000001
33252 Architecture and Design Informal architectures space and contemporary culture Kiendl, Anthony Frank 720.92200000000003
33253 Architecture and Design Meggs' history of graphic design Meggs, Philip B 686.22090000000003
33257 Architecture and Design Architecture form space and order Ching, Francis D. K. 720.1 4th
33260 Architecture and Design Building structures illustrated Ching, Francis D. K. 624.1771 2nd
33270 Architecture and Design Fundamentals of lighting Winchip, Susan M. 729.28 3rd
33278 Architecture and Design Narrative architecture Coates, Nigel 724
33286 Architecture and Design The seven lamps of architecture Ruskin, John 720
33365 Architecture and Design European building construction illustrated Ching, Francis D. K. 690.09400000000005
33398 Architecture and Design The architects studio companion rules of thumb for preliminary design Allen, Edward 721 6th
33399 Architecture and Design Contemporary urban planning Levy, John M. 307.12160972999999 11th
33400 Architecture and Design The codes guidebook for interiors Kennon, Katherine E. 343.73070000000001 7th
33401 Architecture and Design Interior design visual presentation a guide to graphics, models, and presentation techniques Mitton, Maureen 729.02800000000002 5th
33402 Architecture and Design Disability, space, architecture a reader Boys, Jos 725.53
33403 Architecture and Design Integrating building performance with design an architecture student's guidebook Grant, Elizabeth J. 729
33452 Architecture and Design Modernity and community architecture in the Islamic world Frampton, Kenneth 720.07917670999996
33453 Architecture and Design Costume and fashion a concise history Laver, James 391.00900000000001
33454 Architecture and Design Legacies for the future contemporary architecture in Islamic societies Davidson, Cynthia C. 720.91767000000004
33455 Architecture and Design Islamic architecture of pakistan a selection of old drawings Ahmad Nabi Khan 726.80954910000003
33510 Architecture and Design Antisemitism a very short introduction Beller, Steven 305.89240000000001 2nd
33511 Architecture and Design The body a very short introduction Shilling, Chris 306.46129999999999
33514 Architecture and Design Cognitive neuroscience a very short introduction Passingham, R. E. 612.82330000000002
33516 Architecture and Design Critical theory a very short introduction Bronner, Stephen Eric 142 2nd
33518 Architecture and Design Decolonization a very short introduction Kennedy, Dane Keith 325.3
33525 Architecture and Design Ancient Assyria a very short introduction Radner, Karen 935.03
33526 Architecture and Design Ancient Egypt a very short introduction Shaw, Ian 932
33527 Architecture and Design Ancient Egyptian art and architecture a very short introduction Riggs, Christina 709.32
33528 Architecture and Design Ancient Greece a very short introduction Cartledge, Paul 938
33529 Architecture and Design The ancient near east a very short introduction Podany, Amanda H. 939.4
33530 Architecture and Design Ancient philosophy a very short introduction Annas, Julia 180
33531 Architecture and Design Ancient warfare a very short introduction Sidebottom, Harry 355.40901000000002
33532 Architecture and Design Babylonia a very short introduction Bryce, Trevor 935.5
33533 Architecture and Design Barthes a very short introduction Culler, Jonathan D 410.92399999999998
33534 Architecture and Design Beauty a very short introduction Scruton, Roger 111.85
33535 Architecture and Design Capitalism a very short introduction Fulcher, James 330.12200000000001 2nd
33536 Architecture and Design Catholicism a very short introduction OCollins, Gerald 282 2nd
33537 Architecture and Design Chaos a very short introduction Smith, Leonard A. 3.8570000000000002
33538 Architecture and Design Child psychology a very short introduction Goswami, Usha C. 155.4
33539 Architecture and Design Choice theory a very short introduction Allingham, Michael 301.01
33540 Architecture and Design Classical mythology a very short introduction Morales, Helen 292.13
33541 Architecture and Design Communism a very short introduction Holmes, Leslie 320.53199999999998
33542 Architecture and Design Complexity a very short introduction Holland, John H. 501
33543 Architecture and Design Contemporary art a very short introduction Stallabrass, Julian 709.05
33544 Architecture and Design The Cultural Revolution a very short introduction Kraus, Richard Curt 951.05600000000004
33545 Architecture and Design Dada and Surrealism a very short introduction Hopkins, David 709.04060000000004
33546 Architecture and Design Derrida a very short introduction Glendinning, Simon 194
33547 Architecture and Design Descartes a very short introduction Sorell, Tom 194
33548 Architecture and Design Developmental biology a very short introduction Wolpert, L. 571.79999999999995
33549 Architecture and Design Diaspora a very short introduction Kenny, Kevin 304.8
33550 Architecture and Design Egyptian myth a very short introduction Pinch, Geraldine 398.20931999999999
33551 Architecture and Design Ethics a very short introduction Blackburn, Simon 170
33552 Architecture and Design Evolution a very short introduction Charlesworth, Brian 576.79999999999995
33553 Architecture and Design Existentialism a very short introduction Flynn, Thomas R. 142.78
33554 Architecture and Design Fascism a very short introduction Passmore, Kevin 335.6
33555 Architecture and Design Feminism a very short introduction Walters, Margaret 305.42090000000002
33556 Architecture and Design Foucault a very short introduction Gutting, Gary 194
33557 Architecture and Design Fractals a very short introduction Falconer, K. J. 514.74199999999996
33558 Architecture and Design Fundamentalism a very short introduction Ruthven, Malise 200.904
33559 Architecture and Design Game theory a very short introduction Binmore, K. G. 519.29999999999995
33560 Architecture and Design Globalization a very short introduction Stegar, Manfred B 303.48200000000003 4th
33561 Architecture and Design The history of mathematics a very short introduction Stedall, Jacqueline A. 510.9
33562 Architecture and Design Humanism a very short introduction Law, Stephen 144
33563 Architecture and Design Indian philosophy a very short introduction Hamilton, Sue 181.4
33564 Architecture and Design The laws of thermodynamics a very short introduction Atkins, P. W. 536.70000000000005
33565 Architecture and Design Marx a very short introduction Singer, Peter 335.40924000000001 2nd
33566 Architecture and Design Memory a very short introduction Foster, Jonathan K. 153.12
33567 Architecture and Design Metaphysics a very short introduction Mumford, Stephen 110
33568 Architecture and Design Modernism a very short introduction Butler, Christopher 700.41120000000001
33569 Architecture and Design Multiculturalism a very short introduction Ali Rattansi 305.8
33570 Architecture and Design Neoliberalism a very short introduction Steger, Manfred B. 330.12200000000001
33571 Architecture and Design Newton a very short introduction Iliffe, Rob 509.2
33572 Architecture and Design Objectivity a very short introduction Gaukroger, Stephen 121.4
33573 Architecture and Design Particle physics a very short introduction Close, F. E. 539.72
33574 Architecture and Design Philosophy in the Islamic world a very short introduction Adamson, Peter 181.07
33575 Architecture and Design Photography a very short introduction Edwards, Steve 770
33390 Bio information science Biochemical aspects of plant physiology technology and methodology basic concepts Bhattacharya, Amitav 572.20000000000005
33393 Bio information science Phage display in biotechnology and drug discovery Sidhu, Sachdev S. 579.26 2nd
33394 Bio information science Bioorganic chemistry Sidhu, Sachdev S.Patill, Meghshyam K. 572.6
33405 Bio information science Bioprocess engineering basic concepts Poornima, B. 660.63210000000004
33410 Bioinformatics Biochemistry of catalysts Alighieri, Philip 572.70000000000005
33395 BioInformative Science New microbial technologies for advanced biofuels Towards more sustainable production methods Ruiz, Jaun carlos serrano 662.88 1st
33378 Chemical engineering Dopants and defects in semiconductors Mccluskey, Mattew D. 660.29769999999996 2nd
33396 Chemical engineering Chemical and biochemical technology matrials processing and reliability Varfolomeev, Sergei D. 660.63
33397 Chemical engineering Nano biotechnology in energy environment and electronics methods and application Nicolini ,Claudio 660.63
33404 Chemical engineering Chemical engineering explained basic concepts for novices Shallcross, David 660
33501 Chemical engineering Materials characterization Angelo, P.C. 669.95050000000003 1st
33079 Chemistry Biochemistry With Biomedical Concepts, Clinical Correlates and case studies Satyanarayana, U. 612.01499999999999 5th
33080 Chemistry Biochemistry Preamble and Practice Tutorial Numerical Problems By S. N. Mukhopadhyay Brown, T. A. 612.01499999999999
33081 Chemistry Biophysical Chemistry Klostermeier, Dagmar 572.42999999999995
33113 Chemistry Writing Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry Savin, Kenneth A. 547.13900000000001 3rd
33159 Chemistry Chemistry in Context Applying Chemistry to Society Fahlman, Bradley D. 540 9th
33240 Chemistry Investigating chemistry A forensic science perspective Johll, Matthew E 540
33261 Chemistry Chemistry Chang raymond 540 13
33262 Chemistry Chemistry of Natural Products Bhat S.V 547.70000000000005 Revised
33280 Chemistry Organic chemistry Carey, Francis A. 547 8th
33384 Chemistry Physical and chemical processes in the aquatic environment Christensen, Erik R. 628.1
33385 Chemistry Theory of molecular collisions Balint Gabriel G. 539.75699999999995
33387 Chemistry Quantum chemistry molecules for innovation Tada, Tomofumi 541.28
33389 Chemistry Quantum computational chemistry modelling and calculation for functional materials Onishi, Taku 539.75699999999995
33407 Chemistry Physical chemistry how chemistry works Kolasinski, Kurt W. 540
33408 Chemistry Engineering chemistry Vitha, Mark f. 543.79999999999995
33411 Chemistry Macromolecules Panwar, Hemant 547
33413 Chemistry Basic chemistry Timberlake, Karen C. 540 4th
33414 Chemistry Analytical chemistry theory and practice Verma, R.M 545 3rd
33415 Chemistry Engineering chemistry Maheswaramma, Sesha K. 660.2
33416 Chemistry Textbook on applied chemistry Acharya, Achyutanda 540
33417 Chemistry Chemistry in daily life Singh, Kirpal 540
33412 chemsitry Analytical chemistry Dave-R.K. 545
33082 computer science Cloud Computing Scope, Challenges and Solutions Bhatnagar, Ashish 004.678
33093 computer science Internet of Things Architecture and design Principles Kamal, Raj 004.67
33096 computer science Machine Learning for Big Data Hands-on for Developers and Technical Professionals Bell, Jason 006.31
33109 computer science Software testing Khurana, Hema 005.1422
33116 computer science Computer Networking with Internet Protocols and Technology Stallings, William 004.678
33163 computer science Java how to program early objects Deitel paul 005.133 11th
33164 computer science Java an introduction to problem solving and programming Savitch, Walter 005.133 7th
33165 computer science C how to program Deitel, Paul 005.133 8th
33217 computer science Python programming A modular approach with graphics, databases, mobile and web applications Taneja, Sheetal 005.133
33264 computer science Cloud computing A practical Approach Velte, Anthoby T 004.678
33272 computer science Introduction to programming in python An interdisciplinary approach Sedgewick, Robert 005.133
33282 computer science Programming in C A practical Approach Kochan, Stephen G 005.133 4th
33285 computer science Software engineering Sommerville,Ian 005.1 10th
33359 computer science Cisco Networking Essentials McMillan, Troy 004.6
33418 computer science Python for R user Ohri, Ajay 005.133
33419 computer science Data mining concepts models methods and algorithms Kantardzic, Mehmed 006.3 2nd
33420 computer science Object - oriented programming using java Paul, Tripti 005.133 1st
33427 computer science Advanced wireless networks technology and business models Glisic, Savo 004.65 3rd
33461 computer science Computer graphics Bhattacharya, Samit 006.6
33477 computer science Real - time embedded systems Wang, Jiacun 006.22 1st
33062 Computer Science Fundamental of networking and data communications White Curt M. 004.6 7th
33090 Computer Science Fundamental of MIMO Wireless communication Kshetrimayum Rakhesh Singh 4.60
33108 Computer Sciences Software quality concepts and practics Galin Daniel 005.10685
33258 Computer Sciences Artificial intelligence A new synthesis Nilsson Nils J 006.3
33259 Computer Sciences Artificial Intelligence Structures and Strategies for Complex Solving Luger George, F 006.3 5th
33039 Econmomics Financial markets and corporate strategy Hiller david 332.04199999999997 European Edition
33234 Econmomics Economic and business forecasting Analyzing and interpreting econometric results Silvia john e 330.0151955
33244 Econmomics Valuation the market approach Corporate valuation Bernstrom 332.63220999999999
33247 Econmomics FX option performance an analysis of the value delivered by FX option since the start of the market James, Jessica 332.64530000000002
33288 Econmomics Changing Global Geo Political and Strategic Dynamics Challenges for Pakistan M.brohi alam ambassador 338.6
33352 Econmomics Enterprise resource planning Sumner, Mary 658.04
33121 Economics Political economy of 21st century europe Mccann, Dermot 330.95124900000002
33166 Economics Economic Development Todaro, Michael P. 338.9 12th
33167 Economics Macroeconomics policy and practice Mishkin, Frederic S 339 2nd
33168 Economics Using Econometrics A Practical Guide Studenmund, A.H. 330.01519500000001 7th
33230 Economics Econometric Analysis Greene william H 330.01519500000001 8th
33236 Economics Understanding economics Clayton, Gary E 330
33243 Economics Trend forecasting with inter market analysis Mendelsohn, Louis B 332.6 2nd
33246 Economics Bayesian Risk Management A Guide to Model Risk and Sequential Learning in Financial Markets Sekerke, Matt 332.0415015195
33249 Economics The Most Dangerous Trade How short Sellers uncover Fraud, Keep Markets honest, and make and lose billions Teitelbaum, Richard 332.64499999999998
33267 Economics Development economics Theory and practice Janvry, Alain De 338.9
33269 Economics Environmental economics Environmental science Purohit, Ashok 333.7
33273 Economics Issues in economics today Guell, Robert C. 330 8th
33274 Economics issues in economics today Guell, Robert C. 330 8th
33366 Economics Economic and business forecasting Analyzing and interpreting econometric results Silvia, John 330.01511950000003
33367 Economics Capitalism and the world economy Hirai, Toshiaki 330.12200000000001
33423 Economics Managerial Economics and strategy Brander, James A. 337.09090500000002 2nd
33425 Economics International economics Theory and policy Krugman, Paul R. 337.09090500000002 10th
33463 Economics Managerial economics and financial analysis Bhat, M.S 330 1st
33464 Economics International macroeconomics and finance Theory and econometric methods Mark, Nelson C 339 1st
33465 Economics Credit money and macroeconomic policy Gnos, Claude 339
33466 Economics International monetary economics Heilperin, michael. A 332.04199999999997 1st
33467 Economics Islamic economics a global perspective Shaghil, M. 330.12099999999998
33468 Economics Basic mathematics and its applications in economics Baruah, Srinath 330.18200000000002 2nd
33302 Elctrical engineering Pakistan`s Energy Issues Success and Challenges Syed Akhter Ali 333.79095490999998
33042 electrical Engineening Digital signal processing Kumar Anand A 621.38220000000001 2nd
33044 electrical Engineening Materials science and engineering A first course Raghavan v 677.28300000000002 6th
33046 electrical Engineening Wind power technology Earnest Joshua 621.45000000000005 2nd
33054 electrical Engineening Nanocrystals from oriented attachment for energy applications He Weidong 621.38152000000002
33085 electrical Engineening Digital Signal Processing System Analysis and Design Diniz, Paulo S. R. 621.38220000000001 2nd
33086 electrical Engineening Electric power distribution automation Prasad d 621.31899999999996
33101 electrical Engineening Physical Methods for Materials Characterisation Flewitt, Peter E. J. 620.11028699999997 3rd
33105 electrical Engineening Power System Analysis A Dynamic Perspective Shubhanga, K. n. 621.31899999999996
33169 electrical Engineening Design with operational amplifiers and analog integrated circuits Franco, Sergio 621.38153499999999 4th
33083 electrical Engineering Digital Design With an introduction to the verilog HDL, VHDL, and system verilog Mano, M, Morris 621.39499999999998 3rd
33084 electrical Engineering Digital Image processing Gonzalez Rafael, C 621.399 4th
33088 electrical Engineering Foundations for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Petersen, Niles O. 620.5
33160 electrical Engineering Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Resource Recovery (International Student Edition) Metcalf 628.1 5th
33172 electrical Engineering Advanced digital design with the verilog HDL Ciletti, Michael D. 621.39499999999998 2nd
33173 electrical Engineering Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory Boylestad, Robert L. 621.38149999999996 11th
33174 electrical Engineering Digital signal processing principles algorithms and applications Prokis, John G 621.38220000000001 4th
33175 electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications Hambley, Allan R. 621.38 6th
33176 electrical Engineering Digital design With an introduction to verilog HDL Mano, M. Morris 621.39499999999998 5th
33177 electrical Engineering Introduction to digital communications Grami, Ali 621.38199999999995
33178 electrical Engineering Wireless digital communications Modulation and spread spectrum applications Feher, Kamilo 621.38199999999995
33180 electrical Engineering Switchgear and Protection Ingole, Arun 621.31899999999996
33197 electrical Engineering Counseling a comprehensive profession Gladding, Samuel T 616.89139999999998 8th
33216 electrical Engineering Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach, (SI Units) Cengel, Yunus A. 621.40219999999999 8th
33368 electrical Engineering Mathematical foundations for linear circuits and systems in engineering Shynk, John J. 621.38149999999996
33369 electrical Engineering Automatic control engineering Gupta, Aditi 629.83000000000004
33375 electrical Engineering Graduate texts in physics essentials and applications Oliveira, Mario J. 621.40210000000002 2nd
33386 electrical Engineering Carbon nanotubes for clean water Das, Rasel 620.11199999999997
33388 electrical Engineering Applied molecular biotechnology The next generation of genetic engineering Muhammad Sarwar Khan 629.83000000000004
33391 electrical Engineering Ionic liquids for green energy applications Kowsari, Elaheh 621.31028400000002
33392 electrical Engineering Plant biotechnology and genetics principles techniques and applications Stewart, Neal 621.52300000000002 2nd
33426 electrical Engineering Power electronics essentials and applications Umanand, L. 621.38044000000002
33428 electrical Engineering Digital Design with an introduction to the verilog HDL VHDL and systemverilog Mano, Morris 621.39499999999998 6th
33472 electrical Engineering Wideband RF technologies and antennas in microwave frequencies Sabban, Albert 621.38130000000001
33474 electrical Engineering Analog electrical applications fundamentals of design and analysis Fernandez-Canque, H.L. 621.38149999999996
33476 electrical Engineering Fundamentals of wireless sensor networks theory and practice Dargie, Waltenegus 621.22199999999998
33478 electrical Engineering Wavelet analysis and transient signal processing applications for power systems He , Zhengyou 621.31010000000003
33498 electrical Engineering Commonly asked questions in thermodynamics Assael, Marc J. 621.40210000000002
33505 electrical Engineering Plasma nanoscience basic concepts and applications of deterministic nanofabrication Ostrikov, Kostya 620.5
33506 electrical Engineering Thermodynamics from concepts and applications Shavit, Arthur 621.40210000000002 2nd
33473 ELECTRICAL ENGEENIRING Optoelectronic Integrated circut design and device modeling Gao, jianjun 6521.3815000000004 1st
33053 Electrical engineering Light matter interaction physics and engineering at the nanoscale Weiner, John 321.36500000000001
33073 Electrical engineering Validation of Analytical methods Methodology and statistics Shrivastava Alankar 615.19010000000003
33091 Electrical engineering Fundamentals of Nanoscience Kakani SL 620.5
33161 Electrical engineering wastewater engineering Treatment and resource recovery Tchobanoglous, George 628.1 5th
33170 Electrical engineering Principles of electric circuits Floyd, Thomas L 621.31920000000002 9th
33171 Electrical engineering Microelectronic circuit and devices Horenstein, Mark N 621.38099999999997 2nd
33179 Electrical engineering GATE Series Electronics and Communication Engineering 2019 Sharma Pradeep 621.38104999999996
33181 Electrical engineering Introduction to solar principles Kissell Thomas E. 621.47
33215 Electrical engineering Heat and mass transfer fundamentals and applications Cengel, Yunus A. 621.40219999999999 5th
33238 Electrical engineering Military Engineers and Development of the Early-Modern European State lenman Bruce P 623
33475 Electrical Engineering Electrical machine drives control an introduction Pyrhonen, Juha 621.31042000000002
33479 Electrical Engineering Voltage quality in electrical power system Blume, D 621.30999999999995 1st
33299 English Lanaguage Modern English In Action The Joy Of Words Christ Henry i 428
33074 English Language A concise introduction to linguistics Rowe, M Bruce 410 5th
33190 English Language Speaking Up Understanding Language and Gender Jule, Allyson 421.5
33198 English Language Semantic a course book Hurford, James R 420.14299999999997 2nd
33430 English Language English for journalists Hicks, Wynford 428.20240699999999 20th
33431 English Language Communication skills for engineers Mishra, Sunita 302.20246200000003 2nd
33444 English Language Academic writing and grammar for students Osmond, Alex 808.06650000000002 2nd
33446 English Literature A thousand splendid suns Hosseini, Khaled 813.6
33448 English Literature Aleph Coelho, Paulo 813.54
33517 English Literature Culture and identity selected English writings of Faiz Faiz Ahmed Faiz 828.91209000000003
33520 English Literature Story is a vagabond fiction, essays, and drama Intizar Husain 823
33576 English Literature Where worlds collide Pakistani fiction in the new millennium Waterman, David 823.92099549099999
33406 Enviornmental Science Key concepts in environmental chemistry Hanrahan, Grady 574.5
33380 Enviromental Science Waste Treatment process in environmental engineering Kaul, S.N. 628.30953999999997
33381 Enviromental Science Waste Treatment process in environmental engineering Kaul, S.N. 628.30953999999997
33382 Enviromental Science Waste Treatment process in environmental engineering Kaul, S.N. 628.30953999999997
33383 Enviromental Science Waste Treatment process in environmental engineering Kaul, S.N. 628.30953999999997
33162 Environmental Science Environmental nanotechnology applications and impacts Chauhan, D.K. 620.5
33409 Envirormental Scince Environmental chemistry Chakroborty,Subhendu 574.5
33242 Finance - Management Science International Financial Reporting Standards 2012 Interpretation and Application of Mackenzie 657.3 1st
33292 Hisrtory Scinde Or The Unhappy Valley The Unhappy Valley Burton Francis Richard 915.47 1st
33306 Hisrtory Maqadma tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldoon Ibn-e-khaldoon, Abdur Rehman 909.04296999999997
33337 Hisrtory Pakistan ki siasi tareekh Ahmed Saleem 954.91
33519 Hisrtory Governing the ungovernable institutional reforms for democratic governance Ishrat Husain 954.91
33293 History The Indus and Its Provinces Their Political and Commercial Importance Andrew, W. P. 915.47
33294 History Balochistan Victim of greed or grievances Muhmamad ihsan qadir 920.54909999999995 1st
33295 History Studies on the civilization of Islam Gibb, Hamilton A.R. 915.6
33300 History Incompelte Partation The Genesis of the Kashmir Dispute 1947-1948 Lamb Alastair 954.6
33304 History Maqadma tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldoon Ibn-e-khaldoon, Abdur Rehman 909.04296999999997
33305 History Maqadma tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldoon Ibn-e-khaldoon, Abdur Rehman 909.04296999999997
33307 History Maqadma tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldoon Ibn-e-khaldoon, Abdur Rehman 909.04296999999997
33308 History Maqadma tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldoon Ibn-e-khaldoon, Abdur Rehman 909.04296999999997
33309 History Maqadma tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldoon Ibn-e-khaldoon, Abdur Rehman 909.04296999999997
33333 History Sacha aur khara leader Zia Shahid 954.90920000000006
33334 History Pakistan ki siasi tareekh Ahmed Saleem 954.91
33335 History Pakistan ki siasi tareekh Ahmed Saleem 954.91
33336 History Pakistan ki siasi tareekh Ahmed Saleem 954.91
33459 History In Lahore a contemporary guide to the city Hoppe, Kelsey 954.91430000000003
33460 History The Muqaddimah an introduction to history Khaldun, Ibn 901
33508 History A history of Pakistani literature in English 1947-1988 Tariq Rehman 820.99549109041004
33509 History A memoir of pre-partition Punjab Sahni, Ruchi Ram 950
33515 History Cover point impressions of leadership in Pakistan Jamsheed Marker 954.91039999999998
33063 Islam How I Proved Life After Death Marston, Wendy 297.23
33227 Islam Globalization ethics and islam The model, Deviations and Muslim response Markham, Ian 297.83
33301 Islam Islams political order The model, Deviations and Muslim response Mawdudi, Sayyid Abu l Ala 320.91767099999998
33447 Islam The wisdom of sufism Lewisohn, Leonard 297.39999999999998
33456 Islam The soul of Rumi a new collection of ecstatic poems Rumi, Jalal al-Din 297.39999999999998
33458 Islam The spiritual practices of Rumi radical techniques for beholding the divine Johnson, will 297.39999999999998
33421 Islamic Finance Principles of Islamic accounting Baydoun, Nabil 657.09167000000002
33422 Islamic Finance Modern Islamic banking Products and processes in practice Schoon, Natalie 322.10917669999998
33442 Islamic Finance Islamic finance and the new financial system an ethical approach to preventing future financial crises Alrifai, Tariq 332.10917669999998
33239 law On nuclear terrorism Levi, Michael 363.32
33250 Law Exposing fraud skills process and practicalities ross jan 363.25963000000002
33289 law Theories of Women's Studies Bowles, Gloria 305.42
33429 Law Crime against women Tiwari, Hema 364.15300000000002
33281 Mamagement Science Organizational theory,Design, and Change Jones, Gareth R 658.4 7th
33248 Mamgement Sciens Optimize your greatest asset your people How to apply analytics to big data to improve your human investment Pease gene 658.30100000000004
33462 Managemant Science Introduction to cost benefit analysis Rus, gines de 658.15539999999999 1st
33035 Management Science Inbound Marketing Get found using google, social media and blogs Halligan, Brian 658.8
33037 Management Science Real Marketing The People, The Choices Soloman, Michael 658.8
33038 Management Science Green Marketing Management Dahlstrom, Robert 658.8
33203 Management Science Strategic Management and Business Policy Globalization, Innovation and Sustainability Wheelen, Thomas L. 658.40120000000002 15th
33204 Management Science Personal Effectiveness in Project Management Tools, Tips, and Strategies to improve your decision-making, motivation confinence, risk -taking, achievement and sustainability Wong, Zachary A. 658.404
33205 Management Science Strategic Management Concepts A competitive advantage approach David, Fred R 658.40120000000002 16th
33206 Management Science Implementation of Projects A Strategic-Oriented Gorog, Mihaly 658.40120000000002
33207 Management Science Project Management An organizational Change Crawford, Lynn 658.404
33233 Management Science Project management A managerial approach Meredith, Jack R 658.404 9th
33241 Management Science 100 createst ideas for brilliant communication Adairs, John 658.45
33245 Management Science Measurement Madness Recognizing and Avoiding the pitfalls of performance measurement Gray Dina 658.40129999999999
33361 Management Science Enterprise Resource Planning A Managerial Perspective Bansal, Veena 658.04
33362 Management Science Organization Theory Structure, Design and Applications (Revised Edition) Robbins, Stephen P. 658.4 3rd
33522 Management Science New frontiers of entrepreneurship Iqbal M. khan 658.02200000000005
33424 Management Sciences Project management case studies Kerzner, Harold 658.404 5th
33199 Management Sciencs Operations and Process Management Principles and practice for strategic impact Slack Nigel 658.5 5th
33202 mangement science Project Intelligence Rechenthin, David 658.404
33266 Matematics Concise vector analysis Eliezer C.J 515.63
33040 mathematics Measure Theory and Filtering Introduction with Applications Aggoun, Lakhdar 515.41999999999996
33208 mathematics A course of pure mathematics Theory computations and applications in statistics Hardy, G. H 510
33209 mathematics A course pf Pure Mathematics Centenary Edition Hardy, G. H. 510 10th
33210 mathematics A course pf Pure Mathematics Centenary Edition Hardy, G. H. 510 10th
33211 mathematics A Course of Pure Mathematics Centenary Edition Hardy, G. H. 510 10th
33212 mathematics A course pf Pure Mathematics Centenary Edition Hardy, G. H. 510 10th
33213 mathematics Representation theory A combinatorial viewpoint Prasad, Amritanshu 512.5
33214 mathematics Representation theory A combinatorial viewpoint Prasad, Amritanshu 512.5
33275 mathematics Lectures on classical differential geometry Struik, Dirk J 516.36019999999996 2nd
33277 mathematics Matrix algebra Theory computations and applications in statistics Gentle, James E 515
33353 mathematics Algebraic Methods in Unstable Homotopy Theory New Mathematical Monographs: 12 Neisendorfer, Joseph 514.24
33360 mathematics A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory Silverman, Joseph H. 512.70000000000005 4th
33370 mathematics Mathematical analysis real complex and metric spaces Chaudhuri, Ajay Kr 515
33485 Mathematics Introduction to perturbation methods Holmes, Mark H. 515.35 2nd
33487 Mathematics Advanced modern algebra Rotman, Joseph J. 512 2nd
33488 Mathematics Algebras, graphs and their applications Cho, Ilwoo 512
33489 Mathematics Introduction to perturbation techniques Nayfeh, Ali H. 515.35
33490 Mathematics Introduction to real anaysis Trench, William F. 515 1st
33491 Mathematics Linear algebra Pure & applied Goodaire, Edgar G. 512.5 1st
33070 Maths Real Analysis Series, Funcations of Several Variables, and Application Lackovich Miklos 515
33072 Maths Turning points in the history of mathematics Grant hardy 510.9
33057 Pharmacy Pharmacongnosy Practical notebook for first year diploma in pharmacy Sharma, Varun Dutt 615.32100000000003
33058 Pharmacy A Textbook of pharmacognosy Theory and practicals .Adams,Joel 615.32100000000003 17th
33059 Pharmacy Advances in Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery .Adams,Joel 615.6 1st
33061 Pharmacy Dictionary of pharmacy Jarald Edwin e. 615.10299999999995 1st
33066 Pharmacy Pharmaceutical chemistry I Laboratory manual for final year diploma in pharmacy Parle, Amrita 615.19000000000005
33067 Pharmacy Pharmaceutical chemistry II Laboratory manual for final year diploma in pharmacy Parle, Amrita 615.19000000000005
33068 Pharmacy Physical pharmacy As per B. Pharm syllabus of AICTE Agarwal, S. P 615.14
33069 Pharmacy Quantitative analysis of drugs in pharmaceutical formulations Sethi, P. D 615 3rd
33071 Pharmacy Textbook of pharmaceutical chemistry 1 inorganic Mohammaed Ali 615.19000000000005
33087 Pharmacy Pharmaceutics dosage from and design inorganic Jones, David S 615.1 2nd
33092 Pharmacy Handbook of pharmaceutical technology Kushwaha, Poonam 615
33100 Pharmacy Pharmaceutical biotechnology Vyas, S. P 615.19000000000005
33106 Pharmacy Practical pharmaceutical chemistry Anees Ahmad siddiqui 615.19000000000005
33218 Pharmacy Clinical phaqrmacology Brown, Morris J. 615.1 12th
33219 Pharmacy Advances in Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery .Adams,Joel 615.6 1st
33220 Pharmacy Pharmaceutics dosage from and design inorganic Jones, David S 615.1 2nd
33221 Pharmacy Essentials of medical pharmacology Tripathi, KD 615.1 7th
33222 Pharmacy Pharmaceutical calculations Ansel, Howard C. 615.14015129999996 15th
33231 Pharmacy Management of poisoning A handbook for health care workers Henry, J. 615.90800000000002
33232 Pharmacy Textbook of medical parasitology Paniker, CK Jayaram 616.96100000000001 6th
33256 Pharmacy Ansels pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems Allen, Loyd V 615.1 11th
33049 phillosopy and psychology Handbook of School Psychology Reynolds, Cecil R 370.15
33114 phillosopy and psychology Abnormal Psychology Butcher, James N. 150 16th
33182 phillosopy and psychology Personality Psychology International Student Version Cervone, Daniel 155.19999999999999 12th
33184 phillosopy and psychology Research in Psychology Methods and Design (International Student Version) Goodwin, C. James 150.72 7th
33482 phillosopy and psychology Psychological testing and assessment An introduction to tests and measurement Cohen, Ronald Jay 150.28700000000001 7th
33047 Philosophy & Psychology Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology Brooks, Joanna 150.72
33050 Philosophy & Psychology Motivation and Personality Maslow, Abraham H. 153.80000000000001 3rd
33052 Philosophy & Psychology SPSS For Psychologists And Everybody Else Brace, Nicola 150.727 6th
33183 Philosophy & Psychology Health Psychology Biopsychosocial Interactions (International Student Version) Sarafino, Edward P. 610.19000000000005 7th
33196 Philosophy & Psychology Neuropsychology Clinical and Experimental foundations Elias, Lorin 616.79999999999995 1st
33200 Philosophy & Psychology New Critical Thinking Criticism to Come Wolfreys, Julian 168
33327 Philosophy & Psychology Apni talash Qasim Ali Shah 158
33328 Philosophy & Psychology Oonchi uraan Qasim Ali Shah 158
33329 Philosophy & Psychology Bari manzil ka musafir Qasim Ali Shah 158
33330 Philosophy & Psychology Jeet ki janib Keller, Gary 158
33331 Philosophy & Psychology Soch ka hamalia Qasim Ali Shah 158
33332 Philosophy & Psychology Guru Abu Bakar Zahoor 158
33351 Philosophy & Psychology The 7 habits of highly effective people Covey, Stephen R. 158
33483 Philosophy & Psychology Ethics in psychotherapy and counselling a practical guide Pope, Kenneth S. 616.89139999999998 4th
33051 philosophy and psychology Physiology of behavior Carlson. Neir R 612.79999999999995
33186 philosophy and psychology Behavioral challenges in children with autism and other special needs The development approach Cullinane, Diane 155.4
33187 philosophy and psychology Abnormal psychology and modern life Rani, Prabha 150
33188 philosophy and psychology Handbook of counselling Tanje, Madhukar K 158.30000000000001
33189 philosophy and psychology Psychological Counselling An Interdisciplinary Approach Hosahally, Devaraj Wodeyar 150.13
33191 philosophy and psychology Abnormal psychology Oltmanns, Thomas F 150 8th
33195 philosophy and psychology Social Psychology Aronson, Elliot 302 9th
33263 philosophy and psychology Clinical Child Psychology Rani, Navinta 155.4
33265 philosophy and psychology Cognitive psychology for dummies Hills, Peter J. 150
33268 philosophy and psychology Emotional intelligence Managing emotions to win in life Mangal, S. K 152.4
33284 philosophy and psychology Research Methods in psychology Evaluating a world of information Morling, Beth 150.72
33055 Physics Quantum mechanics and Quantum field theory A mathematical primer Dimock, Jonathan 530.12
33056 Physics University physics Benson harris 530 Revised
33078 Physics Basic Ideas and Concepts in Nuclear physics An introductory Approach Heyde, K 539.70000000000005 3rd
33094 Physics Introduction to modern physics Singh, R.B. 530 2nd
33095 Physics Introductory Solid State Physics A Strategic-Oriented Myers, H. P. 530.41 2nd
33097 Physics Modern spectroscopy Hollas, Michael J 535.84 4th
33098 Physics Nuclear Physics Ghoshal, S. N 539.70000000000005 Revised
33102 Physics Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids and Nuclei Jain, Vimal Kumar 539
33103 Physics Physics of energy sources King, George C 621.31010000000003
33104 Physics Plasma physics Durmmond, James E 530.44000000000005
33107 Physics Quantum Mechnaics and path integrals Feynman Richard P. 530.12 Emended
33112 Physics University Physics For Engineering and Science Students Chaddha S Gurbachan 530
33115 Physics Advanced undergraduate quantum mechanics Methods and Applications Deych Lev I. 530.12
33120 Physics Pauli's Exclusion principle The origin and validation of a scientific principle Massimi michela 530.13300000000004
33223 Physics Atomic physics Singh, A. K 530
33224 Physics Physics of partially lonized plasmas Krishan, Vinod 530.44000000000005
33225 Physics Objective Physics for NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) other Medical Entrance Examinations Kumar, Abhay 530 2nd
33226 Physics Optical physics Lipson, Ariel 535 4th
33255 Physics An introduction theory and applications of quantum mechanics Yariv, Amnon 530.12
33271 Physics Fundamentals of nuclear physics from nuclear structure to cosmology Grag, Vijay 539.70000000000005
33276 Physics Mathematics of classical and quantum physics Byron, Frederick W 530.15
33279 Physics Nuclear Physics Principles and applications Lilley John 639.70000000000005
33287 Physics Theory of vibrations with applications Thomson, William T 531.11329999999998 5th
33350 Physics A brief history of time From the big bang to black holes Hawking, Stephen 523.1
33354 Physics Advanced Quantum Mechanics Sakurai, J. J. 530.12
33355 Physics Quantum Mechanics Murugan, V 530.12
33356 Physics Hear and Thermodynamics Manna, Anandamoy 536
33357 Physics The Feynman Lectures on Physics The New Millennium Edition Feynman, Richard 530
33358 Physics Relativistic Quantum Mechanics An Easy Introduction Mujahid, Kamran 530.12
33363 Physics Introduction to the Theory of Coherence and Polarization of Light Wolf, Emil 535.20000000000005
33364 Physics Mathematical Physics 2000 Fokas A 530.15
33371 Physics Solid state physics Aggrawal, Pankaj 530.44200000000001
33372 Physics Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics an integrated approach Hardy, Robert J. 530.13
33373 Physics Computational physics Scherer , Philipp O. J 530.1
33374 Physics Practical quantum mechanics Modern tools and applications Manousakis, Efstratios 530.1
33376 Physics Plasma physics an introduction to laboratory space and fusion plasma Piel, Alexander 530.44200000000001 2nd
33377 Physics Quantum physics of light and matter photons, atoms and strongly correlated systems Salasnich, Luca 530.12 2nd
33379 Physics Nuclear physics Chatwal, G. 539.70000000000005
33432 Physics Applied solid state physics Rajnikant, Dr. 530.41
33433 Physics Physics for scientists and engineers with modern physics Serway, Raymond a. 530
33434 Physics Electromagnetic field theory Jain,suchi Dr. 530.14099999999996
33435 Physics Fundamentals of modern physics Katiyar, R. L. 530
33436 Physics Quantum mechanics Gupta, Monica 530.12
33437 Physics Physics for scientists and engineers A strategic approach with modern physics Knight, Randall D 530 3rd
33471 Physics Quantum mechanics for electrical engineers Sullivan, Dennis 530.12
33480 Physics Electromagnetic waves and transmission lines Reddy, Mallikarjuna 523.01800000000003
33494 Physics Introduction to solid state physics and crystalline Ladonisi, Giuseppe 530.41
33495 Physics Exercises and problems in mathematical methods of physics Cicogna, Giampaolo 530
33496 Physics Solid state NMR in materials science principles and applications Bakhmutov, Vladimir I. 530.41
33497 Physics Physics project lab Gluck, Paul 530
33499 Physics A modern course in statistical physics Reichl, Linda E. 530.13199999999995 4th
33500 Physics Commonly asked questions in physics Rex, Andrew 530
33502 Physics Electricity and magnetism Kelly, P.F. 537
33503 Physics Physical properties of materials White, Mary Anne 530.41 2nd
33504 Physics Nonlinear optics principles and applications Rottwitt, Karsten 535.20000000000005
33507 Physics Classical mechanics theory and mathematical modeling DiBenedetto, Emmanuele 531
33045 Psychology Multicultural Psychology Hall Nagayamma Gordon C 155.82097300000001 3rd
33048 Psychology Cognitive Psychology Mind and Brain Simth Ewarad E. 150
33118 Psychology Handbook of Professional Ethics for Psychologists Issues Questions and controversies Donohue William O 174.91499999999999
33193 Psychology Research methods design, and analysis Christensen, Larry B 150.72399999999999 11th
33254 Psychology Abnormal psychology The problem of Maladaptive Behavior Sarason Irwin G 150 11th
33283 Psychology Psychology Testing Panda, Pratap Kumar 150.28700000000001
33484 Psychology Clinical psychology Dav, Graham 616.89 1st
33449 Religion 366 readings from Buddhism Weyer, Robert Van De 294.39269999999999
33450 Religion 366 readings from Hinduism Weyer, Robert Van De 294.54320000000001
33451 Religion 366 readings from Christianity Weyer, Robert Van De 270
33290 social science Politics of ethnicity In Pakistan Issues Of National Integration Rehana Saeed Hashmi 305.80095490999997
33297 social science Urban Complexity And Planning Theories and Computer Simulations Lai kung shih 307.76028552999998
33443 social science Doing a literature review releasing the research imagination Hart, Chris 300.72000000000003 2nd
33457 social science Yoga the path to holistic health Iyengar, B.K.S. 181.45
33512 social science Bonded labour in Pakistan Ayaz Qureshi 306.36209549099999
33513 social science China-Pakistan relations a historical analysis Ghulam Ali 327.54910510000002
33521 social science Islam, ethnicity and power politics constructing Pakistan's national identity Rasul Bakhsh Rais 305.09549099999998
33523 social science The role of taxation in Pakistan's revival Martinez-vazquez, Jorge 339.52095491
33524 social science The unconquered people the liberation journey of an oppressed caste Obrien, John 305.51220954000001
33117 social sciences developing research questions Schoon, Natalie 300.72000000000003 2nd
33119 social sciences Making and implementing policy Key concepts and Issuses bochel hugh cathrine bochel 320.60000000000002
33201 social sciences Green philosophy Devi, Renu 363.7
33237 social sciences An Islamic perspective on governance Zafar, Iqbal 332.10917669999998
33298 social sciences The gulen movement in turkey The politics of islam and modernity Tee Caroline 320.55709560999998
33481 social sciences Qualitative Research from start to finish Yin, robert k. 300.72000000000003 2nd
33194 Sociology Social Psychology Branscombe Nyla R. 302 14th
33041 Statistics Probability and Statistics by Examples 2, Markov Chains: A primer in Random Processes and their applications Suhov, Yuri 519.5
33075 Statistics Applied Numerical Methods Using Matalab Dukkipati, V Rao 518
33099 Statistics Numerical Methods for Engineering and Scientists using MATLAB Esfandiari, Ramin S. 519.40200000000004
33469 Statistics Linear and non linear optimization Cottle, Richard W. 519.72
33470 Statistics Introduction to linear optimization and extensions with matlab Kwon, Roy H 519.72 1st
33486 Statistics Mathematical modeling applications with geogebra Hall, Jonas 519.11
33492 Statistics Numerical methods a programming approach Nayyar, Girish 519.4
33493 Statistics Numerical methods and optimization Arora, Hari 519.4
33310 Urdu Literature Boht nayab hai dekho Zamr Naeem 891.4393
33311 Urdu Literature Shayad Faiza Iftikhar 891.4393
33312 Urdu Literature Janoon-e-Ishq Riaz Qalib Kohlar 891.4393
33313 Urdu Literature Aye ishq tery hain khel ajab Durr-e-Saman Bilal 891.4393
33314 Urdu Literature Lafzon kay bhaid Wajeeha Sahar 891.4393
33315 Urdu Literature Sapny suhany Nasreen Akhter Naina 891.4393
33316 Urdu Literature Tum bin jia na jay Tayyaba Hashmi 891.4393
33317 Urdu Literature Koi chand rakh meri sham par Nayab Jilani 891.4393
33318 Urdu Literature Parwaaz Tahir Javed Mughal 891.4393
33319 Urdu Literature Syah hashia Saima Akram Chaudhry 891.4393
33320 Urdu Literature Murr a kay mol na jain Shagufta Bhatti 891.4393
33321 Urdu Literature Pas-e-Zindaan Tahir Javed Mughal 891.4393
33322 Urdu Literature Fasly aur chahtain Shagufta Bhatti 891.4393
33323 Urdu Literature Mera Ishq sufiana Kanwal Riaz 891.4393
33324 Urdu Literature Mujhy haarna hi tha Muhammad Fayaz Mahi 891.4393
33325 Urdu Literature Ik nai sandrella Faiza Iftikhar 891.4393
33326 Urdu Literature Aakhir shab kay hamsafar Qurratul Ain Haider 891.4393
33338 Urdu Literature Qurbat-i-Merg main Mohabbat Mustansar Hussain Tarrar 891.4393
33339 Urdu Literature Main kon hoon Razia Butt 891.4393
33340 Urdu Literature Raabi Razia Butt 891.4393
33341 Urdu Literature Shehr-e-Bemisaal Bano Qudsia 891.4393
33342 Urdu Literature Deed wadeed Altaf Fatima 891.4393
33343 Urdu Literature Chalta musafir Altaf Fatima 891.4393
33344 Urdu Literature Khwab gar Altaf Fatima 891.4393
33345 Urdu Literature Safar dar safar Ashfaq Ahmed 891.4393
33346 Urdu Literature Abnormal ki diary Sabir chaudhary 891.4393
33347 Urdu Literature Chitral dastaan Mustansar Hussain Tarrar 891.4393
33348 Urdu Literature Undulus main ajnabi Mustansar Hussain Tarrar 891.4393