Dr. Saad Ihsan Butt
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Area of Interest: Functional Analysis. Mathematical Inequalities and Applications. Mathematical Biology and Stability Analysis. Analysis in Graph Theory.
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (135)
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

I am Saad Ihsan Butt, born on 20-12-1984, in Gujranwala Pakistan. I have completed my basic education from Gujranwla and after completing my bachelor degree from Government college Gujranwala , I moved to Punjab University Lahore for my Master’s studies in Math as I got admission on Sports basis.  As I have  Played Cricket for Gujranwala Inter Board, Pakistan Inter Board, Gujranwala Under 19 cricket team, NBP Patron’s Cup (2000--2001), Quaid-e-Azam trophy grade 1 (2002--2003),.National Champion of U-19 Grade 2, (2002—2003).I also played first class cricket and attended PCB regional academy from (19-05-2003 to 28-06-2003) in Faisalabad under the coaching of Aqib Javaid and Mansor Rana.Furthermore, I was selected for Pak U-19 Trials for tour to Sri Lanka. I also got admission in Punjab University on Sports basis.

 Iam the first person of my family who got admission for Phd degree in a good institution in Paksitan. It is a challenging situation for me to race in among the top students of Pakistan.  My enthusiasm for games and sports gave me strength to obtain my Doctorate. It constantly enables me to control my nerves and work more efficiently under extreme pressure, tough and stressed situations. It incessantly enabled me to elevate and enhance my position commitments. By God Blessings, I was being supervised by the world renowned mathematician Prof. Josip Pecaric , who is the author of more than 25 books and 1500 research articles in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications.


Funded Projects:

Completed Projects:
1. Measure theoretic extensions and improvements of classical jensen’s inequalitiy and its converses with applications in information theory (2019 - 2021) PIs: Dr. Saad Ihsan Butt, Budget: Rupees 1.1 Million, Funded By: HEC .
3. New Integral Inequalities and their refinements (2014 - 2015) PIs: Dr. Saad Ihsan Butt,Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Bhatti, Budget: 149500, Funded By: HEC .


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2. Saad Ihsan Butt and Josip Pecaric (2016), "POPOVICIU’S INEQUALITY FOR n-CONVEX FUNCTIONS", published by: LAp LAMBERT Academic Publisher, pp: 222, Standard: 978-3-659-81905-6    (External URL)
Book Chapters:
1. S. I. Butt, L. Horvath, D. Pecaric and J. Pecaric, (2019), "Improvements of the inequalities for the f -divergence functional with applications to the Zipf-Mandelbrot law) ", MONOGRAPHS IN INEQUALITIES 15, Inequalities and Zipf-Mandelbrot Law: Selected topics in information theory,, published by: Element, Zagreb, Standard: ISBN 978-953-197-670-1   
Journal Papers:
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