Dr. Mian Hasnain Nawaz
Associate Professor, IRCBM
Area of Interest: Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Grafting, Carbon Materials, Composite Materials, Sensors and Biosensors, Energy Materials
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (828)

Dr. Hasnain earned his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai (2013). During his doctoral dissertation he mainly focused on polymer chemistry and porphyrin-fullerene nano-composites.

In details he has worked on;

·        Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes.

·        Synthesis and functionalization of different Porphyrin, Graphene and Fullerene derivatives.

·        Decoration of porphyrin and fullerene derivatives with different types of polymers including pH, UV and thermosensitive polymers via RAFT and Click-chemistry approaches.

·        Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles for their electrochemical and catalytic studies.

·        Fabrication and modification of different types of electrodes via Electrospinning and sputtering for biosensors and bio-fuel cell applications.

·        Fabrication of modified electrodes and development of different aptasensors and immunosensors.

He has published a number of articles in internationally recognized journals. Currently, he has multidisciplinary research interests in supramolecular chemistry, advance materials, metal nanoparticles and biomaterials including their potential applications as  sensors and biosensors, bioresorbable medical devices and Bio-fuel cells. He'll welcome the self-motivated and hard-working young researchers under the said domain for their Masters and PhD thesis.

Membership and Honors:

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Chemical Society of Pakistan



Funded Projects:

Completed Projects:
1. Synthesis and Characterization of Graphite/Graphene/PVA Electrospun Nanofibers and Their Electrochemical Studies (2016 - 2018) PIs: Dr. Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Budget: 0.2, Funded By: CIIT .
2. Electrospun nanofibers modified carbon electrode for glucose detection: a USB Doctor (2015 - 2018) PIs: Dr. Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Other Team: SBS Group IRCBM, Budget: 6.6 M, Funded By: HEC, Pak .
3. Sonication induced self-assembly of polymeric porphyrin-fullerene adducts and their drug delivery assessment (2015 - 2018) PIs: Dr. Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Other Team: SBS Group, IRCBM, CUI, Budget: M PKR 0.5, Funded By: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan .


Book Chapters:
1. G. NUNES, M.H. NAWAZ, A. HAYAT, J.L. MARTY (2015), "EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE SENSITIVITY IN ELECTROCHEMICAL METHODS FOR TRACE ANALYSIS ", New Trends on Monitoring and Diagnosis for health Sciences, published by: LAMBERT Acadmic Publishing, pp: 59   
Journal Papers:
1. Mariam Sabar, Umay Amara, Sara Riaz, Akhtar Hayat, Muhammad Nasir, Mian Hasnain Nawaz (2022), "Fabrication of MoS2 enwrapped carbon cloth as electrochemical probe for non-enzymatic detection of dopamine", Materials Letters, pp: 131233, Vol: 308, Impact Factor: 3.019   
2. Umay Amara, Sara Riaz, Khalid Mahmood, Naeem Akhtar, Muhammad Nasir, Akhtar Hayat, Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Yaqub, Mian Hasnain Nawaz (2021), "Copper oxide integrated perylene diimide self-assembled graphitic pencil for robust non-enzymatic dopamine detection", RSC Advances, pp: 25084, Vol: 11, Issue: 40   
3. Umay Amara, Muhammad Taqi Mehran, Bilal Sarfaraz, Khalid Mahmood, Akhtar Hayat, Muhammad Nasir, Sara Riaz, Mian Hasnain Nawaz (2021), "Perylene diimide/MXene-modified graphitic pencil electrode-based electrochemical sensor for dopamine detection", Microchimica Acta, pp: 1-13, Vol: 188, Issue: 7   
4. Aftab Ahmed, Akhtar Hayat, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Peter John, Muhammad Nasir (2021), "Fluorescence quenching mediated detection of hydrogen peroxide using tungsten incorporated graphitic carbon nitride nanoflakes", RSC Advances, pp: 7479, Vol: 11, Issue: 13   
5. Umay Amara, Khalid Mahmood, Sara Riaz, Muhammad Nasir, Akhtar Hayat, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Yaqub, Dongxue Han, Li Niu, Mian Hasnain Nawaz (2021), "Self-assembled perylene-tetracarboxylic acid/multi-walled carbon nanotube adducts based modification of screen-printed interface for efficient enzyme immobilization towards glucose biosensing", Microchemical Journal, pp: 106109, Vol: 165, Impact Factor: 6.78   
6. Sidra Saqib, Sikander Rafiq, Nawshad Muhammad, Asim Laeeq Khan, Ahmad Mukhtar, Sami Ullah, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Farrukh Jamil, Chong Zhang, Veeramuthu Ashokkumar (2021), "Sustainable mixed matrix membranes containing porphyrin and polysulfone polymer for acid gas separations", Journal of Hazardous Materials, pp: 125155, Vol: 411, ISSN: 0304-3894, Impact Factor: 10.58    (External URL)
7. Maham Liaqat, Sara Riaz, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Mihaela Badea, Akhtar Hayat, Jean Louis Marty (2021), "Fabrication of electro-active nano-trans surfaces to design label free electrochemical aptasensor for ochratoxin A detection", Electrochimica Acta, pp: 138172, Vol: 389   
8. S Rashid, MH Nawaz, I ur Rehman, A Hayat, JL Marty (2021), "Dopamine/mucin-1 functionalized electro-active carbon nanotubes as a probe for direct competitive electrochemical immunosensing of breast cancer biomarker", Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical , pp: 129351, Vol: 330   
9. Sidra Rashid, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Ihtesham ur Rehman, Akhtar Hayat, Jean Loius Marty (2021), "Dopamine/mucin-1 functionalized electro-active carbon nanotubes as a probe for direct competitive electrochemical immunosensing of breast cancer biomarker", Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, pp: 129351, Vol: 330   
10. Aftab Ahmed, Akhtar Hayat, Peter John, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Muhammad Nasir (2021), "Coral-shaped tin oxide incorporated graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets as peroxidase mimic for sensitive colorimetric and fluorescence quenching based detection of hydrogen peroxide", Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, pp: 1-17   
11. Ayesha Saleem Siddiqui, Akhtar Hayat, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Nasir (2020), "Effect of sulfur doping on graphene oxide towards amplified fluorescence quenching based ultrasensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide", Applied Surface Science, pp: 144695, Vol: 509, ISSN: 0169-4332, Impact Factor: 6.7    (External URL)
12. Rabia Arshad, Amina Rhouati, Akhtar Hayat, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Muhammad Arfat Yameen, Adnan Mujahid, Usman Latif (2020), "MIP-Based Impedimetric Sensor for Detecting Dengue Fever Biomarker", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, pp: 1-11, ISSN: 1559-0291, Impact Factor: 2.9    (External URL)
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14. AS Siddiqui, MA Ahmad, MH Nawaz, A Hayat, M Nasir (2020), "Nitrogen-doped graphene oxide as a catalyst for the oxidation of Rhodamine B by hydrogen peroxide: application to a sensitive fluorometric assay for hydrogen peroxide", Microchimica Acta, pp: 47, Vol: 187, ISSN: 1436-5073, Impact Factor: 6.23    (External URL)
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Conference Papers:
1. M H Nawaz, D X Han, L Niu (2018) "Self-assembly of perylene-CNT for the assessment of Clenbuterol induced dsDNA damage (Oral)", 31st Academic Annual Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society, 5-8 May 2018    
2. M H Nawaz (2017) "Conducting polymer/functionalized graphene oxide/chitosan nanocomposite for hydrogen peroxide detection (Oral)", Annual Meeting of Analytical Chemistry Society China   
3. M. H. Nawaz, A. H. Nawaz, A. Rahim, J. L. Marty, A. Hayat (2014) "Graphene/C60 based nanofibers for biomedical applications ", 4th International Symposium on Biomedical Materials Translational Research and Commercialization   
4. M. H. Nawaz (2013) "Porphyrin and Fullerene (C60) Polymers and Self-assembly Morphology", 12th International and 24th National Chemistry Conference    


Research Visitor
DAE, Universite de Perpignan, France
Oct 2016 to Dec 2016
PhD (Materials Science)
East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, P. R. China
Sep 2009 to Jul 2013
Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan
Feb 2008 to Oct 2009
MSc (Industrial Chemistry)
GCU Lahore, Pakistan
Aug 2005 to Sep 2007


CAS Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun China
Jul 2017 to Jan 2019
Research Associate
School of Biological Sciences University of the Punjab
Dec 2007 to Feb 2008
Junior Scientist
R&D Qarshi Industries, pvt. ltd
Aug 2007 to Dec 2007

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