Dr. Hani Shaker
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Area of Interest: Singularity Theory, Algebraic Topology, Commutative Algebra, Graph Theory.
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (134)
HEC approved PhD Supervisor
  • Research Projects:
  1. On Two Dimensional Topological Descriptors of Molecular Graphs, HEC under NRPU-2016 as PI. Approved Rs. 1,586,404/­-. Status: Ongoing
  2. Metric Dimension of Different Chemical Structures, HEC under NRPU-2016 as co-PI. Approved Rs. 1,595,650/­-. Status: Ongoing
  3. Magic Labeling of Various Families of Graphs, HEC under NRPU-2017 as co-PI. Approved Rs. 2.25M. Status: Ongoing
  4. Algebraic Characterization of Generalized Degree Sequences of Simplicial Complexes, HEC under NRPU-2014, as co-PI. Approved Rs. 776,559/-. Status: Ongoing
  • Research Student Supervision:

PhD Students:

  1. Imran Nadeem (PhD), Status: In Progress
  2. Wasim Ashraf (PhD), Status: In Progress
  3. Waseem Sajid (PhD), Status: In Progress

MS Students:

  1. Aisha Javed (MS), Thesis Title: Topology of Plane Curves (2010) Status: Passedout 
  2. Muhammad Asif (MS), Thesis Title: On Characterization of Spanning Forest Complexes (2016)  Status: Passedout 
  3. Rabia Nazir (MS), Thesis Title: Spanning Forest Complexes of Union of Multi-Cyclic Graphs (2017) Status: Passedout
  4. Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Niazi (MS), Thesis Title: On Eccentric Indices of Some Graphs, Status: Passedout
  5. Noor-un-nisa (MS), Thesis Title: Merrifield-Simmons Index of Molecular Graphs, Status: Passedout
  6. Abid Ali (MS), Status: In Progress
  7. Saad Ahmad (MS), Status: In prograss
  8. Asif Allah Ditta (MS), Status: In prograss
  9. Faizan Zia (MS), Status: In prograss


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Conference Papers:
1. Hani Shaker (2009) "Hypersurface Decomposition and de- Rahm Cohomology", Proceedings 4th ASSMS Conferences 2009 on 21 century Mathematics, pp: 304-308   


ASSMS, Pakistan
Sep 2004 to May 2008
UET, Lahore, Pakistan
Feb 2002 to Apr 2004
PU, Lahore, Pakistan
1999 to 2001


Associate Professor
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.
Apr 2018 to Date
Assistant Professor
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.
May 2008 to Apr 2018
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.
Jan 2008 to May 2008

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