Artist. Sadia Farooq
Assistant Professor, Art and design
Area of Interest: Visual Arts and Cultural Heritage Management
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Artist Statement:

Being a Trained Miniaturist from National College of Arts,Lahore my work revolves around the visual representation of ‘Zikr’ * - which on a strictly personal level is my everyday practice. It may not necessarily involve the recitation of a sacred word or even the traditional systematic approach yet it acts as a pacifier and helps me in acquiring peace and tranquility. The repetition of a single word behaves like an ostinato with variation and development that creates a strange sense of relief of being heard.
In order to achieve the purity of expression, I have been delving with geometric, organic and abstract forms involving meditation and altered states of consciousness accordingly leading to self realization. The work involves a minute text which is implemented in ink repeatedly laced onto the surfaces. In this effort, the aim is to invoke a meditative visual experience, resulting in an ethereal oeuvre which is about presence, experience and subtlety of method. I prefer these works to be viewed as a journey to search the intangible and invisible within and beyond us and spreading to infinity.

* Remembrance - an Islamic devotional act, typically involving the recitation—mostly silently i.e. Zikr-bil-Qalb or even verbally i.e. Zikr-bil-Lisaan—of the Names of God, and of supplications taken from hadith texts and Qur’anic verses.

Areas of Interest:

Fusion of Refinement and Experimentation via:

  • Focus on the beauty of the Permanent shining through the Transient.
  • Study of spiritual principles through geometric, organic and abstract forms involving meditation.
  • Blurred frontier between sculpture and painting - 3D figures floating in space.
  • Relationship b/w perception, immaterial form, spatial, sensorial effect and perennialism.
  • Neo-miniature painting - traditional tech. with a synthesis of new insights into the social relevance of imperial Mughal art.
  • Investigating popular Visual Vernacular of Pakistan.
  • Preservation, management and uplifting of the Traditional Arts and Cultural Heritage.
  • Pedagogy of Cultural studies and History of Art and Architecture.


  1. 2023 - 'Excellence Award' at the 9th International Art Festival,Haeugemgang Museum,Geoji South Korea
  2. 2015 - Recipient of 'Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship' at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts,London - UK.
  3. 2000 - 'Sir Percy Brown Award' for Excellence in Art History at the National College of Arts,Lahore.
  4. 2000 - Distinction in Miniatutre Painting Thesis at the National College of Arts,Lahore.
  5. 1998 - Awardee of Principal's Honors Roll at the National College of Arts,Lahore.


  1. 2023 - Excellence Award Winner amongst 56 countries at the 9th International Art Festival, Haeugemgang Theme Museum,Geoji South Korea
  2. 2022 - International Conference and Art Festival for promoting social cohesion and Interfaith Harmony;'Buddhism in Pakistan: History, Archeology, Art and Architecture’ at PNCA, Islamabad.  
  3. 2018 - ‘Resurgence’, A Collateral Event to Lahore Biennale 01 – Group show at Ejaz Gallery Lahore.
  4. 2018 - ‘Living Tradition’ , An Exhibition in Collaboration with the Prince’s Foundation of Traditional Arts, London;  showcasing the works of PSTA Scholars at VM Centre, Karachi
  5. 2017 - The Imago Mundi Project, White Turban collaborating with Luciano Benetton Foundation, on the Imago Mundi  Project for Pakistan. The work became part of an Art Publication pr printed by Fabrica, Exhibitions in Italy(including the Imago Mundi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale), and the Luciano Benetton 'Imago Mundi' Collection.
  6. 2011 - International Exhibition of Drawings, titled as “Drawing Connections” at Sienna Art Institute, Italy.
  7. 2010 - “Connecting people through Crafts”,an exhibition of women handicrafts held at Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, Islamabad as a UNESCO-NORWAY Funded Project for the empowerment of Women through crafts.


  1. 2022 - 'Buddhism in Pakistan: History, Archeology, Art and Architecture’ an International Conference and Art   Festival for promoting social cohesion and Interfaith Harmony at PNCA, Islamabad.  
  2. 2021 - ‘Synergy’ – A group show celebrating 70 years of Pak China Friendship at Comsats Art Gallery in collaboration with China Study Centre, Islamabad.
  3. 2021 - Three Person’s Show titled ‘Beyond Narrative’ at ArtSoch Contemporary Gallery,
  4. 2019 - Group Show, Lahore Junction at VM Centre, Karachi
  5. 2018 - ‘Resurgence’, A Collateral Event to Lahore Biennale 01 – Group show at Ejaz Gallery Lahore.
  6. 2016 - Calligraphy show titled ‘Alif’ at Ejaz Art Gallery, Lhr
  7. 2016 - Group show ‘Revelations’ at Art Scene Gallery, Karachi
  8. 2015 - Travelling Group show ‘Revelations’ at Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore
  9. 2015 - Group show ‘Built In’ at Alhamrah Art Gallery,Lhr
  10. 2015 - MA (Hons.) Degree Show at Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Gallery, NCA.
  11. 2014 - Group Show “Silence Please” at Nairang Art Gallery, Lhr.
  12. 2014 - Group Show of Women Artists of Pakistan at Tollington Market, Lhr
  13. 2012 - Alhamra’s 8th Annual Exhibition of Paintings, ‘Day After Tomorrow’.
  14. 2012 - Group show of Women Artists from Pakistan at World Women’s Day,Alhamra Art Gallery.
  15. 2010 - Designer of Leather and Palm-leaf products, in an Exhibition of women handicrafts, titled as: “Connecting people through Crafts”, held at Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, Islamabad. A UNESCO-NORWAY Funded Project for the empowerment of Women through crafts.
  16. 2010 Participated in a faculty group show of Artists from COMSATS, Lahore.
  17. 2009 Participated in an Architectural Research Exhibition titled as ‘Introspection: Quest for Reason’,held at 50 yrs celebration of IAP.
  18. 2008 Participated in Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition held at NCA, Lahore.
  19. 2007 Participated in a painting display by the Creative Department at ICI Paints, Lhr.
  20. 2006 Participated in a Faculty Group Show at “Z.U.A Gallery N.C.A”.


Post Graduate Diploma
Prince's School of Traditional Arts,London, United Kingdom
Sep 2016 to Dec 2016
MA(Hons.)Visual Arts
National College of Arts,Lahore, Pakistan
Jan 2013 to Dec 2014
BFA(Professional Degree)
National College of Arts,Lahore, Pakistan
Mar 1997 to Dec 2000
Lahore College for Women University,Lahore, Pakistan
Aug 1994 to Oct 1996
National High School,Karachi, Pakistan
Feb 1992 to Mar 1994


Assistant Professor
Oct 2008 to Date
Senior Color Consultant
ICI Paints,Akzo Nobel,Lahore
Nov 2005 to Sep 2008
Visiting Lecturer
National College of Arts,Lahore
Mar 2001 to May 2008
Color and Pattern Expert
Fiber Dying Limited,Lahore
Feb 2004 to Oct 2005
Art and Craft Instructor
SICAS,Salamat International College of Advanced Studies,Lahore
Jan 2003 to Jan 2004
English Conversation teacher,Puppetry and story telling for toddlers
Lahore Grammar School,Johar Town Campus,Lahore
Feb 2001 to Dec 2002

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