Prof. Dr. Aqif Anwar
Professor / Head of Department, IRCBM
Area of Interest: Nanotechnology, Biomaterials (
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (829)

Dr. Aqif’s research interests and activities are highly multidisciplinary. His basic interest is in determining structure-property-application relationships of metal and ceramics predominantly from a biological performance standpoint. This is reflected in his research in the following areas;

  • Nanotechnology: Rapid, low-cost and large scale synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles in order to transfer the performance of these materials in the lab to actual applications and products. These not only include nanobioceramics but also dielectrics, semiconductors and structural ceramics etc.
  • Biomedical Materials: Improvement in biological performance of materials by manipulation during synthesis methods (wet-chemical synthesis), animal and biological testing. Effect of substitution of biologically beneficial ions into calcium phosphates. Tailoring synthesis parameters to result in
    • high strength porous and dense nanostructured ceramics
    • Homogenous, crack free and strong coatings
    • Polymers with high strength and bioactivity
    • FLow Synthesis of Nanoparticles & their Utilization in Development of Fibrous Electrospun Composites

He also has a keen interest in commercialization of biomedical materials in Pakistan. Advanced biomaterials are not readily available in Pakistan. Where they are, they are often imported and sold at exuberant prices far beyond the reach of a common man. Pakistan has a vibrant metal industry when it comes to surgical goods and implants. However this is unchartered territory and requires a lot of looking into. Efforts are underway to develop databases of suppliers, products, prices, quantity available, quality etc. The aims are to 1) identify Pakistan specific problems which require research/improvement (regarding biomaterials) and 2) laying the foundation for launch of IRCBM products. In his spare time, Dr. Aqif is an avid traveller and enjoys debating and compeering at all levels.

Research & Developmental Funding

1) 38.103 million PKR Development Project on Strengthening of the Department of Biomedical Material Sciences at CIIT Lahore - Completed (Project Director)

2) 0.2 million PKR project on Tailorable Nanoceramics for Biological Applications via Batch Hydrothermal Synthesis - Funded by CIIT - Completed (PI)

3) 5.8 million PKR project HEC NRPU on Development of a Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis Facility: A Versatile Tool for Nanomaterials Discovery and Their Commercial Production - On-going (PI)

4) 0.5 million PKR project HEC Start up on Band Gap Reduction of Rapidly Synthesized TiO2 Using Metal and Non-Metal Dopants - On-going (PI)

5) 0.5 million PKR project HEC Start up on Development of Synthetic Flowable Bone Grafting Substitutes Using Polymeric Carriers - On-going (PI)

6) 67.0 million PKR part Dedicated to IRCBM (a part of overall 589 million PKR project for CIIT Lahore) - 100% Utilization (as Head IRCBM)


1. University of Sheffield, UK

2. University College London, UK

3. King Edward Medical University and Mayo Hospital Lahore

4. Department of Physics, CIIT Islamabad

5. Punjab University


1. Approved HEC Supervisor

2. Professional Engineer, Pakistan Engineering Council

Interested in

1) Joint Interdisciplinary Research Proposals and Collaborative Research

2) Supervising MS, PhD Students

3) Industrial Linkages regarding Biomedical Devices


Journal Papers:
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Phd in Biomaterials
Queen Mary University of London, UK
Mar 2005 to Jun 2008
Masters in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
Sep 2002 to Jun 2004
BSc in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Sep 1998 to Jun 2002


Associate Professor
Sep 2014 to Date
Aug 2013 to Date
Jan 2011 to Aug 2013
Assistant Professor
CIIT Lahore
Aug 2008 to Aug 2013
Teaching Assistant
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology
Sep 2002 to May 2004

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