Dr. Ayaz Hassan
Assistant Professor, IRCBM
Area of Interest: 2D graphene based electrochemical sensors and biosensors, In-situ spectroscopy of biological molecules, Biofuel cells, Nanomaterials
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


Journal Papers:
1. Mian A. Ali, Graziela C. Sedenho, Jessica C. Pacheco, Rodrigo M. Iost, Asma Rahman, Ayaz Hassan, Daniel R. Cardoso, Roberto S. Gomes, Frank N. Crespilho (2022), "Metal-free, low-cost, and high-performance membraneless ethanol fuel cell", Journal of Power Sources, pp: 232164, Vol: 551, Impact Factor: 9.719   
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4. Lucyano J. A. Macedo, Fernando P. Rodrigues, Ayaz Hassan, Leandro N. C. Máximo, Fabio Zobi, Roberto S. da Silva, and Frank N. Crespilho (2021), "Non-destructive molecular FTIR spectromicroscopy for real time assessment of redox metallodrugs", Analytical Methods, pp: 1094-1102, Vol: 14, Impact Factor: 3.532   
5. Isabela A. Mattiolia, Ayaz Hassan, Natalia M. Sanches, Nirton C.S. Vieira, Frank N. Crespilho (2021), "Highly sensitive interfaces of graphene electrical-electrochemical vertical devices for on drop atto-molar DNA detection", Biosensors and Bioelectronics, pp: 112851, Vol: 175, Impact Factor: 12.54   
6. Graziela C.Sedenho, AyazHassan, Lucyano J.A.Macedo, Frank N.Crespilho (2021), "Stabilization of bilirubin oxidase in a biogel matrix for high-performance gas diffusion electrodes", Journal of Power Sources, pp: 229035, Vol: 482, Impact Factor: 9.719   
7. Dr. Ayaz Hassan, Dr. Graziela C. Sedenho, Phelipe A. M. Vitale, Mona N. Oliviera, Prof. Frank N. Crespilh (2021), "On the Weak Binding and Spectroscopic Signature of SARS-CoV-2 nsp14 Interaction with RNA", ChemBioChem, pp: 3410-3413, Vol: 22, Issue: 24, Impact Factor: 3.461   
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10. Ayaz Hassan, Lucyano J.A.Macedo, Isabela A. Mattiolia, Rafael J. G. Rubirab, Carlos J. L. Constantino, Rodrigo G. Amorim, Filipe C.D.A.Lima, Frank N.Crespilho (2021), "A three component-based van der Waals surface vertically designed for biomolecular recognition enhancement", Electrochimica Acta, pp: 138025, Vol: 376, Impact Factor: 6.901   
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14. Amanda Hikari Imamura, Thiago Pinotti Segato, Letícia Jordão Marques de Oliveira, Ayaz Hassan, Frank Nelson Crespilho & Emanuel Carrilho (2020), "Monitoring cellulose oxidation for protein immobilization in paper-based low-cost biosensors", Microchimica Acta, pp: 1-8, Vol: 272, Impact Factor: 6.232   
15. Ayaz Hassan, Lucyano J. A. Macedo, João C. P. de Souza, Filipe C. D. A. Lima & Frank N. Crespilho (2020), "A combined Far-FTIR, FTIR Spectromicroscopy, and DFT Study of the Effect of DNA Binding on the [4Fe4S] Cluster Site in EndoIII", Scientific Report, pp: 1-12, Vol: 1931, Issue: 10, Impact Factor: 4.996   
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27. Ayaz Hassan, Valdecir Antonio Paganin, Edson Antonio Ticianelli (2015), "Effect of Addition of Ru and/or Fe in the Stability of PtMo/C Electrocatalysts in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells", Electrocatalysis, pp: 512-520, Vol: 6, Impact Factor: 2.713   
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29. Ayaz Hassan, Valdecir Antonio Paganina, Alejo Carrerasb, Edson Antonio Ticianelli (2014), "Molybdenum carbide-based electrocatalysts for CO tolerance in proton exchange membrane fuel cell anodes", Electrochimica Acta, pp: 307-316, Vol: 142, Impact Factor: 6.901   


University of São Paulo, Brazil
Feb 2011 to Feb 2015


Postdoctoral Fellow
University of São Paulo
Apr 2017 to Mar 2021
Assistant Professor
National Center of Excellence in Physical Chemistry
Sep 2015 to Mar 2017

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