Mr. Muhammad Asim Munir
Lecturer, Architecture
Area of Interest: Architectural Theory,Bio-Integrated Design.
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Being primarily trained as a professional architect, and having extensive experience in academia, studio teaching, and research, his teaching aim is on developing interactive- and action-based environmental design and focusing on studio learning. By interactive, he does mean assisting students both relate to and contextualize the facts delivered in lectures with their current design studios. Through his courses and design studios, he presents evidence-based learning, promotes health and well-being in the built environment, and concepts of a paradigmatic shift in architectural practice to encourage students to hone their own design philosophy. He believes in the benefits of both independent and group learning, especially in relation to teaching at an undergraduate level. The two facets of architecture, environment, and design should be well integrated within students’ design studio experience in order to help them make symbiotic interconnections between design and practice. His other strong philosophical stance – evidence-based learning – is to encourage students to study specific action-based phenomena that will assist them to connect their design studio experience within a broader socio-cultural reality. By weaving a critical interdisciplinary approach of the built environment, his pedagogical goals involve the promoting reconciliation of the schism between the subjective boundary of the discourse and its social and environmental responsibilities. As an academic, one of his main objectives is to find ways in which his research could address teaching and contribute to contemporary practice. He always uses his research findings to update his teaching materials where possible. His pedagogical philosophy is thus precisely based on research-oriented; evidence-based participatory learning that encourages students to reassess the social, cultural, and environmental aspects of their design learning


Comsats Institute Of Information and Technology(DA),Lahore, Pakistan
Aug 2009 to Aug 2014


Design Director & Partner
Design House Lahore,Pak.
Jun 2017 to Date
Senior Design & Project Architect
Kaswa Design Services,Lahore,Pak
Aug 2015 to Mar 2017
Visiting Lecturer
Comsats University Of Information and Technology[DA],Lahore.
Jan 2015 to Aug 2015
Project Architect
ArchBlue Consultants
Sep 2014 to Jul 2015

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