Prof. Dr. M. T. Afzal

Dean / Rector CUI

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) emphasizes incorporation of cultural and historic elements of aesthetics and modernity in design principles by use of technology as well as promotes sustainability, reuse and low-impact materials use in its product design concepts.

The Bachelor of Design thesis projects at the Department of Art and Design, CUI-Lahore Campus integrates diversity, new perspectives and in-depth research into the field of visual communication design.

The significance of four years of individual research and creative studio practice reflect through the students’ hard work. In the last semester of this program, students work on a particular design narrative and bring it into a tangible form in their chosen major filed of contemporary design practice.

Our mission is to nurture the professional design approach of our students in line with modern design practices of the industry. I invite you all to explore this virtual exhibition of Bachelor of Design Degree Show 2021 and enjoy the remarkable achievements of our talented students.

We congratulate our young graduates and wish to see them as active leaders and responsible professionals in a competitive global industry, committed to achieving their career milestones.

We also look forward to receiving constructive feedback on their projects.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad T. Afzal
Dean / Rector CUI