Dr. Zahida Ehsan delivered lecture at ISPA- Karachi, co-chaired the plenary session and panel on "Future of Space Science and Technology in Pakistan

Dr. Zahida Ehsan delivered an invited talk on solar wind driven instabilities at the 5th National Conference on Space Science & Technology (NCSST-2017), University of Karachi organized by the Institute of Space & Planetary Astrophysics (ISPA).
She also co-chaired plenary session of the conference and was the secretary of the panel meant to discuss "Future of Space Science and Technology in Pakistan".
Whereas Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jawed Iqbl. current director ISPA, Dr. Hafeez Horrani, Director General, National Centre for Physics, Islamabad, Dr. Hamid Saleem (EX-DG NCP) IST, Islamabad and Dr. Ihtzaz Qamar KRL, Dr. Mirza Jawwad Bai (KRL) and founding director of ISPA Prof. Dr. Jawaid Qamar were also among the panelists.