Dr. Muhammad Yasir Rafique
Assistant Professor, Physics
Area of Interest: Nanomagnetism
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (111)
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

Total no. publications = 41

including publication in (1) Journal of physicsal chemistry C (IF = 4.85), (1) CrystEnggComm (IF = 3.92), (1) Nanotechnology (IF = 3.94), (1) RSC advances (IF = 3.37), (2) Journal of nanoparticle research (IF =3.3), (2) Applied Physics Letter (IF = 3.85), (3) Journal of alloys and compound (IF = 3.3)

Impact factor > 80



Journal Papers:
1. M Yasir Rafique, Liqing Pan, Asim Farid (2016), "From nano-dendrite to nano-sphere of Co 100- x Ni x alloy: Composition dependent morphology, structure and magnetic properties", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, pp: 443-451, Vol: 656, Impact Factor: 3.0    (External URL)
2. M Yasir Rafique, Mujtaba Ellahi, M Zubair Iqbal, Liqing Pan (2016), "Gram scale synthesis of single crystalline nano-octahedron of NiFe 2 O 4: Magnetic and optical properties", Materials Letters, Vol: 162, Issue: 269-272, Impact Factor: 2.5    (External URL)
3. Rizwan Raza, Akhlaq Ahmed, Nadeem Akram, Muhammad Saleem, Majid Niaz Akhtar, Tauqir A Sherazi, M Ajmal Khan, Ghazanfar Abbas, Imran Shakir, Munazza Mohsin, Farah Alvi, Muhammad Sufyan Javed, M Yasir Rafique, Bin Zhu (2015), " M. Yasir Rafique [PDF] from researchgate.net Composite electrolyte with proton conductivity for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell", Applied Physics Letter, pp: 183903, Vol: 107, Issue: 18, Impact Factor: 3.85    (External URL)
4. Qurat Ul Ain Javed, Hussain Abbas, Hasan Mahmood, Abdul Sattar, Feng Ping Wang, Muhammad Arshad Kamran, MY Rafique, (2015), "Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of Single Crystalline a-Mn2O3 Sea-Urchins Assembled with Pen-Type Nanoneedles and Broad Absorption Spectrum", Journal of Nano Research, pp: 38-48, Vol: 33, Impact Factor: 0.6   
5. Mujtaba Ellahi, MY Rafique, Shagufta Ishtiaque, M Furqan Ali, Jameel Memon (2015), "Study on the Effects of Epoxy Resin Based Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films Using Polythiol Group (–SH) as Hardener and Catalyst", Materials Focus, pp: 197-201, Vol: 4, Issue: 3   
6. Mujtaba Ellahi, MY Rafique, Yanzi Gao, M Furqan Ali, Hui Cao, Huai Yang (2015), "Study on the effects of isotropic cross-linked pristine morphology and electro-optical properties of PDLC films", Polymer Bulletin, pp: 2917-2930, Vol: 72, Issue: 11, Impact Factor: 1.4    (External URL)
7. M Ellahi, F Liu, P Song, Y Gao, MY Rafique (2014), "Characterization and Morphology of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films.", Soft Materials, pp: 339-345, Vol: 12, Issue: 3, Impact Factor: 1.74   
8. Z Iqbal, F Wang, R Hussain, T Iqbal, I Ali, MY Rafique. (2014), "Synthesis and Characterization of SnO2 Nanorods for Energy Storage Applications", Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine, pp: 791-796, Vol: 6, Issue: 7   
9. MZ Iqbal, F Wang, R Hussain, MY Rafique, S (2014), "Time-Dependent Growth and Optical Properties of Stannous Oxide Architectures", Materials Focus, pp: 92-97, Vol: 3, Issue: 2   
10. Javed Q-u-a, Wang F, Toufiq AM, Rafique MY, Iqbal MZ, Kamran MA. (2013), " Preparation, Characterizations and Optical Property of Single Crystalline ZnMn2O4 Nanoflowers via Template-Free Hydrothermal Synthesis", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, pp: 2937, Vol: 13, Impact Factor: 2.1   
11. M.Y. Rafique , Pan L, Iqbal MZ, QUA Javed, Qiu H, Farooq MH, et al (2013), "3-D flower like FeCo alloy nanostructures assembled with nanotriangular prism: Facile synthesis, magnetic properties, and effect of NaOH on its formation", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, pp: 423-430, Vol: 550, Impact Factor: 2.41   
12. Javed Q-u-A, Wang F, Toufiq AM, Yasir Rafique M, Mahmood H. (2013), "Conspicuous reversible phase transformation of novel Cu1.4Mn1.6O4 square nanosheets synthesized by auto-thermal process exhibiting intriguing optical and magnetic properties.", Materials Letters, pp: 134-137, Vol: 99, Impact Factor: 2.27   
13. M.Y. Rafique , Pan L, Khan WS, Iqbal MZ, Qiu H, Farooq MH, et al (2013), "Controlled synthesis, phase formation, growth mechanism, and magnetic properties of 3-D CoNi alloy microstructures composed of nanorods", CrystEngComm, pp: 5314-5325 , Vol: 15, Issue: 25, Impact Factor: 3.85    (External URL)
14. aved Q-U-A, Wang F, Toufiq AM, Mahmood H, Rafique MY, Khan W, et al. (2013), "Effect of Atomic Percentage of Zn on the Size and Optical Properties of Porous ZnMn2O4 Nanoparticles", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, pp: 2917, Vol: 13, Impact Factor: 2.2   
15. M.Y. Rafique , Pan L, Iqbal MZ, Qiu H, Farooq MH, et al (2013), "Fabrication of CoNi alloy hollow nanostructured microspheres for hydrogen storage application", Journal of Nanoparticle Research, pp: 1768, Vol: 15, Issue: 4, Impact Factor: 3.3   
16. MZ Iqbal, F Wang, M. Y Rafique, R Ud Din, FK Butt, S Ali (2013), "Fabrication, Characterization and Hydrogen Sorption Properties of Stannous Oxide NanoFlowers.", Science of Advanced Materials, pp: 758-763, Vol: 5, Issue: 7, Impact Factor: 3.3   
17. M. Yasir Rafique, Pan L, Iqbal MZ, Javed Q-u-a, Qiu H, Farooq HM, M.A Iqbal. (2013), "Facile Synthesis, Structural and Magnetic Properties of Hierarchical Tree-Leaf Like FeCo Alloy Microstructures", Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, pp: 791 -794, Vol: 5, Issue: 7, Impact Factor: 1.44   
18. M. Yasir Rafique, Pan L, Javed Q-u-a, Iqbal MZ, Qiu H, Farooq HM, (2013), "Growth of monodisperse nanospheres of MnFe2O4 with enhanced magnetic and optical properties", Chinese Physics B, pp: 107101, Vol: 22, Issue: 10, Impact Factor: 1.37    (External URL)
19. Zubair Iqbal M, Wang F,M. Yasir Rafique, Ali S, Hassan Farooq M, et al (2013), "Hydrothermal synthesis, characterization and hydrogen storage of SnS nanorods", Materials Letters, pp: 33-36, Vol: 106, Impact Factor: 2.27   
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21. Guo Z, Pan L, M. Yasir Rafique, Zheng X, Qiu H, Liu Z (2013), "Metamagnetic phase transformation and magnetocaloric effect in quinary Ni45Co5Mn40InxSn10-x heusler alloy", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, pp: 174-178, Vol: 574, Impact Factor: 2.72    (External URL)
22. Farooq MH, Yang H-L, Xu X-G, Ran C-J, Miao J, Rafique MY, et al (2013), "Room temperature ferromagnetism of Si-doped ZnO thin films prepared by sol–gel method.", Rare Met, pp: 165-168, Vol: 32, Impact Factor: 1.2   
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25. Iqbal MZ, Wang F, Rafique MY, Ali S, Din RU, Farooq MH, et al. (2013), "Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Stannous Oxide Clinopinacoid as Anode", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, pp: 1773-1779, Vol: 13, Impact Factor: 2.1   
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27. Javed Q-U-A, Wang F, Rafique MY, Yang P, Iqbal MZ. (2012), "Conspicuous Ferromagnetic and Optical Properties of Well-Rounded TiO2 Nano Grains Synthesized by Hydrothermal Technique.", Journal of Spintronics and Magnetic Nanomaterials., pp: 34, Vol: 1   
28. Javed Q, Wang FP, M.Y. Rafique, Toufiq AM, Li QS, Mahmood H, (2012), "Diameter-controlled synthesis of a-Mn 2 O 3 nanorods and nanowires with enhanced surface morphology and optical properties", Nanotechnology, pp: 415603, Vol: 23, Impact Factor: 3.94   
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30. Javed Q-u-a, Wang F, Mahmood H, Rafique MY, Toufiq AM, Iqbal MZ, et al. (2012), "Fabrication of Novel Sea-Urchin Cluster Assembled with Pen Type Nanoneedles of Hetaerolite ZnMn2O4 by Template-Free Hydrothermal Route.", Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine, pp: 388-393, Vol: 4   
31. Iqbal MZ, Wang F, Feng T, Zhao H, Rafique MY, Rafi ud D, et al (2012), "Facile synthesis of self-assembled SnO nano-square sheets and hydrogen absorption characteristics", Materials Research Bulletin, pp: 3902-3907, Vol: 47, Impact Factor: 2.2   
32. M.Y. Rafique, Pan L, Javed Q-u-a, Iqbal M, Yang L (2012), "Influence of NaBH4 on the size, composition, and magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles synthesized by hydrothermal method", Journal of Nanoparticle Research, pp: 1189, Vol: 14, Issue: 9, Impact Factor: 3.3    (External URL)
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38. Rafi ud d, Xuanhui Q, Ping L, Zhang L, Qi W, Iqbal MZ, M.Y. Rafique (2012), "Superior Catalytic Effects of Nb2O5, TiO2, and Cr2O3 Nanoparticles in Improving the Hydrogen Sorption Properties of NaAlH4.", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, pp: 11924-38. , Vol: 116, Impact Factor: 4.85   
39. Iqbal MZ, Wang F, Javed Q-u-a, Rafique MY, Qiu H, Nabi G. (2012), "Synthesis of novel nano-flowers assembled with nano-petals array of stannous oxide.", Materials Letters., pp: 236-239, Vol: 75, Impact Factor: 2.27   
40. Iqbal MZ, Wang F, Rafi ud D, Rafique MY, Javed Q-u-a, Ullah A, et al. (2012), "Synthesis of novel clinopinacoid structure of stannous oxide and hydrogen absorption characteristics", Materials Letters, pp: 50-53, Vol: 78, Impact Factor: 2.27   
41. Khan WS, Cao C, Butt FK, Ali Z, Safdar M, Pan L, Rafique MY, et al (2011), "Evolution of Zn based high purity phases under NH3 gas atmosphere and their PL properties", Applied Surface Science, pp: 7314, Vol: 257, Impact Factor: 2.1   


University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Sep 2010 to Jul 2013
M. Phil
University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Sep 2008 to Aug 2010
B. S.(H)
University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Sep 2004 to Jul 2008


Assistant Prof.
CIIT Lahore
Aug 2014 to Date
Assistant Prof.
University of Punjab, Lahore
Sep 2013 to Aug 2014
Research Assistant
University of Science and Technology, Beijing
Feb 2011 to Apr 2013

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