Dr. Akhtar Hayat
Assistant Professor, IRCBM
Area of Interest: N/A
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Area of Research


Professional Honors and Awards

1. Best Oral Presentation award at SURE Clarkson University New York, USA

2. Young Scientist award (European award)

3.  Best Poster award (European award)


1) Clarkson unversity USA

2) University of Perpignan France

3) IRTA Spain

As Reviewer.

Assigned reviewer for the journals from 

 Elsevier publisher

 RSC publisher


 ACS publisher





Book Chapters:
1. A. Sassolas, A. Hayat, J-L. Marty (2014), "Electrochemical biosensors for the detection of microcystins : recent advances and perspectives", Electrochemical sensors and biosensors for environmental monitoring, edited by: Margarita Stoytcheva   
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6. A. Hayat, L. Barthelmebs (2011), "Analytical Methods for the Detection of Ochratoxin A in Wines", Wine: Types, Production and Health, Food Science and Technology, edited by: Arthur S. Peeters   
Journal Papers:
1. A.Hayat, J.L, Marty (2014) (2014), "Aptamer based electrochemical sensors for emerging environmental pollutants monitoring, preprint", Special Topics in Chemistry Research   
2. . G.S. Nunes, J.A.P. Lins, F.G.S. Silva, L.C. Araujo, F.E.P.S. Silva, C.D. Mendonça, M. Badea, A. Hayat, J.-L. Marty (2014), "Design of a macroalgae amperometric biosensor; application to the rapid monitoring of organophosphate insecticides in an agroecosystem", Anal and Bioanal Chem, Impact Factor: 3.64   
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32. A. Hayat, L. Barthelmebs, J-L. Marty (2011), "Enzyme-linked immunosensor based on super paramagnetic nanobeads for easy and rapid detection of okadaic acid", Anal Chim Acta, Impact Factor: 4.387   


Perpignan, France
2009 to Sep 2012
University of Perpignan, IMAGES, Perpignan, France
University of Perpignan, France

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