Ms. Lubna Shahzadi
Lecturer, IRCBM
Area of Interest: Atificial skin regeneration, Biomaterials, Organic Synthesis, Controlled Drug Delivery, Crystallography
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
On Leave


Journal Papers:
1. Arshad Jamal, Lubna Shahzadi, Samreen Ahtzaz, Saba Zahid, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Ihtesham Rehman, Muhammad Yar (2018), "Identification of anti-cancer potential of doxazocin: loading into chitosan based biodegradable hydrogels for on-site delivery to treat cervical cancer", Material Science and Engineering C, pp: 102–109, Vol: 82, Impact Factor: 4.164    (External URL)
2. Samreen Ahtzaz, Muhammad Nasir, Lubna Shahzadi, Walija Amir, Aneeq Anjum, Rida Arshad, Farasat Iqbal, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Muhammad Yar, Ihtesham ur Rehman (2017), "A study on the effect of zinc oxide and zinc peroxide nanoparticles to enhance angiogenesis-pro-angiogenic grafts for tissue regeneration applications", Materials & Design, pp: 409–418, Vol: 132, Impact Factor: 4.364    (External URL)
3. Lubna Shahzadi, Rabia Zeeshan, Muhammad Yar, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Ather Farooq Khan, Nawshad Muhammad (2017), "Biocompatibility through Cell Attachment and Cell Proliferation Studies of Nylon 6/Chitosan/Ha Electrospun Mats", Journal of Polymers and the Environment, pp: 1–9, Impact Factor: 1.877    (External URL)
4. Maria Khan, Anam Hussain, Lalarukh Sidra, Zenab Sarfraz, Hina Khalid, Faisal Manzoor, Lubna Shahzadi, Muhammad Yar, Ihtesham Rehman, Abdul Samad Khan (2017), "Fabrication and in vivo evaluation of hydroxyapatite/carbon nanotube electrospun fibers for biomedical/dental application", Material Science and Engineering C , pp: 387–396, Vol: 80, Impact Factor: 4.164    (External URL)
5. Muhammad Yar; Sohail Shahzad; Lubna Shahzadi; Sohail Anjum Shahzad; Nasir Mahmood; Sheila MacNeil (2017), "Heparin binding chitosan derivatives for production of pro-angiogenic hydrogels for promoting wound healing", Material Science and Engineering C, pp: 347–356, Vol: 74, Impact Factor: 4.164    (External URL)
6. Muhammad Yar, Lubna Shahzadi, Ariba Farooq, Saima J Imran, José P Cerón-Carrasco, Helena den-Haan, Sanjay Kumar, Jorge Peña-García, Horacio Pérez-Sánchez, Aneta Grycova, Zdenek Dvorak, Radim Vrzal (2017), "In vitro modulatory effects of functionalized pyrimidines and piperidine derivatives on aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) and glucocorticoid receptor (GR) activities", Bioorganic Chemistry, pp: 285–293, Vol: 71, Impact Factor: 3.231    (External URL)
7. Abdur Raheem Aleem, Lubna Shahzadi, Farah Alvi, Ather Farooq Khan, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Ihtesham ur Rehman, Muhammad Yar (2017), "Thyroxin releasing chitosan/collagen based smart hydrogels to stimulate neovascularization", Materials and Design, pp: 416–425, Vol: 133, Impact Factor: 4.364    (External URL)
8. Sohail Shahzad, Lubna Shahzadi, Nasir Mahmood, Abdul Rauf, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Ihtesham ur Rehman, Muhammad Yar (2016), "A new synthetic methodology for the preparation of biocompatible and organo-soluble barbituric- and thiobarbituric acid based chitosan derivatives for biomedical applications", Material Science and Engineering C, pp: 156–163, Vol: 66, Impact Factor: 4.164    (External URL)
9. Muhammad Yar; Ariba Farooq; Lubna Shahzadi; Abdul Samad Khan; Nasir Mahmood; Abdul Rauf; Aqif A. Chaudhry; Ihtesham ur Rehman (2016), "Novel Meloxicam Releasing Electrospun Polymer/Ceramic Reinforced Biodegradable Membranes for Periodontal Regeneration Applications", Material Science and Engineering C, pp: 148–156, Vol: 64, Impact Factor: 4.164    (External URL)
10. Ariba Farooq, Lubna Shahazadi, Marek Bajda, Nisar Ullah, Abdul Rauf, Sohail Anjum Shahzad, Ather Farooq Khan, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Yar. (2016), "Organocatalyzed novel synthetic methodology for highly functionalized piperidines as potent a-glucosidase inhibitors", Archiv der Pharmazie, pp: 724–732, Vol: 349, Issue: 9, Impact Factor: 1.994    (External URL)
11. Muhammad Yar; Giulia Gigliobianco; Lubna Shahzadi; Lindsey Dew; Saadat A Siddiqi; Ather F Khan; Aqif A Chaudhry; Ihtesham ur Rehman, Sheila MacNeil. (2016), "Production of chitosan PVA PCL hydrogels to bind heparin and induce angiogenesis", International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials, pp: 466–476, Vol: 65, Issue: 9, Impact Factor: 3.56    (External URL)
12. Lubna Shahzadi, Muhammad Yar, Arshad Jamal, Saadat Anwar Siddiqi, Aqif Anwar Chaudhry, Saba Zahid, Muhammad Tariq, Ihtesham ur Rehman, Sheila MacNeil (2016), "Triethyl orthoformate covalently cross-linked chitosan-(poly vinyl) alcohol based biodegradable scaffolds with heparin binding ability for promoting neovascularisation", Journal of Biomedical Applications, pp: 582–593, Vol: 31, Issue: 4, Impact Factor: 2.31    (External URL)
13. Khan, A. F.; Afzal, A.; Chaudhary, A. A.; Saleem, M.; Shahzadi, L.; Jamal, A.; Yar, M.; Habib, A. (2015), "(Hydroxypropyl) methylcellulose Mediated Synthesis of Highly Porous Composite Scaffolds for Trabecular Bone Repair Applications.", Science of Advanced Materials, pp: 1177-1186, Vol: 7, Issue: 6, Impact Factor: 2.908    (External URL)
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16. Muhammad Yar, Marek Bajda, Rana Atif Mehmood, Lala Rukh Sidra, Nisar Ullah, Lubna Shahzadi, Muhammad Ashraf, Tayaba Ismail, Sohail Anjum Shahzad, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Syed Ali Raza Naqvi and Nasir Mahmood (2014), "Design and Synthesis of New Dual Binding Site Cholinesterase Inhibitors: in vitro Inhibition Studies with in silico Docking", Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, pp: 331-338, Vol: 11, Issue: 3, Standard: 1875-628X, Impact Factor: 1.17    (External URL)
17. Muhammad Yar, Marek Bajda, Lubna Shahzadi, Sohail Anjum Shahzad, Maqsood Ahmed, Muhammad Ashraf, Umber Alam, Islam Ullah Khan, Ather Farooq Khan (2014), "Novel synthesis of dihydropyrimidines for a-glucosidase inhibition to treat type 2 diabetes: In vitro biological evaluation and in silico docking", Bioorganic Chemistry, pp: 96–104, Vol: 54, Impact Factor: 3.231    (External URL)


GC University, Lahore, Pakistan
Oct 2010 to Dec 2012

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