Dr. Nawshad Muhammad
Assistant Professor, IRCBM
Area of Interest: ionic liquid, biomass, dental material
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Dr Nawshad Muhammad obtained his Postdoctoral certificate from China Ionic liquid laboratory, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China in the field of green processing of bioactive materials. He obtained his PhD degree from PETRONAS Ionic liquid center, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malaysia in the domain of green chemistry and sustainable biotechnology. During PhD studies, ionic liquids; green solvents were synthesized from bio-sources like amino acids and choline for deconstruction of lignocellulosic to various chemicals. He obtained his MPhil from University of Peshawar in the field of Dental polymeric materials and biochemistry respectively. Currently his interest in synthesis of ionic liquids for extraction and processing of biopolymers i.e. cellulose, collagen and keratin etc. In addition, working on composite materials especially dental materials. He published more than 100 research articles in international journals with collective impact factor of 250 with h index of 16. He has granted for 1 US patent also. He has been reviewer for many reputed journals.

For more detail visit ; https://scholar.google.com.pk/citations?user=faKtwOEAAAAJ&hl=en 

Main interests

  • Ionic liquids and DES solvents
  • Biopolymers
  • Composite materials 


Journal Papers:
1. Nawshad Muhammad,*, Yasir A. Elsheikh, Muhammad Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib, Aqeel Ahmed Bazmi Rahmat Ali Khan, Hidayatullah Khan, Sikander Rafiq. Zakaria Man, Ihsanullah Khan (2014), "An overview of the role of ionic liquids in biodiesel reactions", Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Standard: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jiec.2014.01.046, Impact Factor: 4.4    (External URL)
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Conference Papers:
1. Zakaria Man, Nawshad Muhammad, Mohamad Azmi Bustam Khalil, M.I. Abdul Mutalib and Sikander Rafiq (2012) "Ionic Liquid as a Green Solvent for Biomass Dissolution ", ICPEAM 2012   
2. Nawshad Muhammad, Zakaria Man, M. Azmi Bustam Khalil and Yasir Ali Elsheikh (2009) "Dissolution of Biomass Using Environmental Benign Ionic Liquid Solvents", Regional Conference on Ionic Liquids    
3. Mohammad Farooq, Anitha Ramli, Mustaffer, Nawshad Muhammad (2009) "Effect of 12-hydroxystreaic acid on the tribological properties of environmental friendly lubricants’ ", National Tribology Conference    
4. Ikram Ul Haq, Nawshad Muhammad, Jamroze Bangash, Saira Ikram (2008) "A Study on the Wear Resistance Properties of Composite Material for making Artificial Teeth", 2nd International conference on advanced tribology   


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS , Malaysia
Sep 2008 to Oct 2012
University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Jul 2006 to Aug 2008
University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Sep 2001 to Mar 2004


Assistant Professor
Sep 2012 to Sep 2013
Lecturer in Chemistry
Higher Education Department, KPK Pakistan
Sep 2006 to Aug 2008
Subject specialist in Chemistry
Secondary and Elementary Education Department, KPK, Pakistan
Aug 2004 to Jul 2006

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