Mr. Muhammad Asif Ikram Anjum
Coordination Officer / Lecturer, Humanities
Area of Interest: Computer/Mobile Assisted Language Learning, Learning Disabilities and Technology, ELT, Computer Assisted Materials Development for Dyslexic Students, Corpus Linguistics
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (872)


Journal Papers:
1. Shazia Aziz, Muhammad Asif Ikram Anjum (2022), "About Instructors’ Readiness to Teach Online", CAMBRIDGE University Press, pp: 345-360   
2. Sara Khan, Muhammad Asif Ikram Anjum (2022), "News worthiness in the Reporting of Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory: Linguistic Analysis of News Values in Pakistani News Channels", Journal of English Language, Literature and Education, pp: 81-107, Vol: 4, Issue: 1  Abstract 
3. Dr. Ali Ahmad, M Asif Ikram Anjum, Tahira Hashim (2021), "An Analysis of Aneeka Pasha and Isma Pasha’s Character in ‘’Home Fire’’ by Kamila Shamsie via Illocutionary and Perlocutionary Speech Acts", JOURNAL OF CRITICAL REVIEWS, pp: 1288-1297, Vol: 8, Issue: 2   
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PhD Linguistics
UMT Lahore, Pakistan
Sep 2017 to Dec 2022
Certificate of Reviewing
Elsevier , Netherlands
2016 to 2016
Certificate on Paths to Success in English Language Teaching
University of Houston, USA
Jan 2015 to Mar 2015
Certificate on Shaping the Way We Teach English Language II
University of Oregon, USA
May 2014 to Jun 2014
Certificate on Shaping the Way We Teach English Language I
University of Oregon, USA
Apr 2014 to May 2014
M Phil Linguistics
GCU Faisalbad, Pakistan
Aug 2009 to Feb 2012
MA English
BZU Multan, Pakistan
Aug 2006 to Mar 2009
BSC (Math A, B), Physics
BZU Multan, Pakistan
Aug 2001 to Sep 2003
BISE Multan, Pakistan
Apr 1999 to Apr 2001
BISE Multan, Pakistan
Feb 1997 to Mar 1999


CUI, Lahore Campus
Aug 2013 to Date
Journal of Communication and Cultural Trends (UMT)
Jan 2020 to Date
Proof Reader and Language Editor of COMSATS Journal of Islamic Finance
CUI, Lahore Campus
Feb 2018 to Date
Journal of Computing in Higher Education (Springer)
Jan 2016 to Date
Department Coordination Officer
CUI, Lahore Campus
2018 to Date
Minhaj University Lahore
Dec 2011 to Aug 2013
Professional College Arifwala
May 2010 to May 2011

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