Mr. Ameer Hamza
Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Area of Interest: Cyberphysical systems, Microgrid Operations and Control, Distributed Power Systems, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy (Wind Power), Control systems and robotics, Consumer Electronic Market.
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  

Brief Introduction

Ameer Hamza is currently working as a Lecturer at the Electrical Engineering department of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan. Ameer Hamza received the B.E in Computer Engineering from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan and  M.S in Electronic Engineering from International Islamic University Islamabad on full scholarship.  His research interests are in cyberphysical systems with emphasis on power systems and social networks.

Research Interests

  • CyberPhysical Systems
  • Microgrids
  • Distributed Energy Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Control Systems

Selected undergraduate supervised Projects 

  • Design and Development of Under water obstacle avoidance autonomous vehicle protoype.                                             
  • Design and Development of Under water autonomous vehicle protoype.                                                                              
  • Design and Development of intellegent Human-Robot interface using robust speech recognition.                                     
  • Control and Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Quad copter.                                                                                     
  • Manufacturing and Implementation of Low cost Wind Turbine.

Trainings and Seminars

  • Accelerating Development of Electric Vehicles with Real-time Testing (Graduate Seminar-2022)
  • Developing Electric Vehicle Software using Model-Based Design (Graduate Seminar-2022)
  • Introduction to matlab scripting using deep learning tools in MATLAB (Graduate Seminar-2022)
  • Transient stability assesment of electric power systems using predictive SIME based machine learning and artificial intelligence (Graduate Seminar 2021)
  • Dynamic security assesment of electric power systems, Applications of real time simulation and machine learning(Graduate Seminar 2021)
  • Making predictions pf the electricity demand in the short term using artificial intelligence (Gratuate Seminar-2021)
  • Health monitoring of distribution transformers using machine learning (Graduate Seminar-2021)
  • A Symposium on Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy (CPD-2021).
  • A webinar on IoT based Architecture for Flexibility Service Provision in Smart Grids (ERC webinar-2021).
  • A webinar on Smart Energy Systems Laboratory - a RT-HIL framework for research and education (ERC webinar-2021).
  • A webinar on Smart grids in Danish context – challenges and solution (ERC webinar-2021).
  • A webinar on the Green Oil Well of the Future (ERC webinar-2021).
  • A webinar on the Hybridism of Power Line and Wireless Communication Systems (ERC webinar-2020).
  • Training course in Real-Time Controls Design, Deployment using NI LabVIEW, NI my-RIO and NI Compact-RIO
    conducted by National Instruments (National Instruments-2016).
  • Training course on Developing energy management and appliance standardization and labeling systems
    conducted by National Instruments (National Instruments-2016).
  • Certification on LabVIEW, Control Systems Design. conducted by National Instruments (National Instruments-2016).
  • Seminar on Small Hydro Power Plants Site Surveying and Potential Evaluation conducted (NSR Energies-2016).

Professional Affiliation

  • Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 

Teaching Courses

  • Control Systems (Fall-2020) 
  • ELectric Circuit Analysis (Spring 2021)
  • Digital Logic Design (Spring 2021)   
  • Electric Circuit Analysis (Fall 2021)   
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits (Spring 2022)
  • Electric Circuit Analysis (Spring 2022)


Journal Papers:
1. Waqas Ayub, Ameer Hamza, Xiandong Ma, George Aggidis (2022), "A Review of Power Co-generation Technologies from Hybrid Offshore Wind and Wave Energy", Energies, Impact Factor: 3.250   
2. Ameer Hamza, Syed Tahir Rizvi, Umair Safder, Haleema Asif (2022), "A Novel Mathematical Approach to Model Multi-Agent-Based Main Grid and Microgrid Networks for Complete System Analysis ", Machines, Impact Factor: 2.899   
3. H. Litimein, Ameer Hamza, Huang zhen you (2021), "A survey on the techniques in the circular formation of multiagent systems", Electronics, Impact Factor: 2.690   


IIU Islamabad, Pakistan
Feb 2010 to 2013
CIIT Lahore, Pakistan
Aug 2005 to Jun 2009


CIIT Lahore
Aug 2013 to Date
SCET (UET Taxila)
Sep 2012 to Jul 2013

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