Ms. Sana Rizwan
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Web Services and Semantics
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  



I have deep interest in semantic web and services because it is just like conventional web services, having the server end of a client–server system for machine-to-machine interaction via the World Wide Web. Semantic services are a component of the semantic web because they use markup which makes data machine-readable in a detailed and sophisticated way. My keen focusing areas are

  • Semantic metadata and ontologies for Big Data
  • Integration and interplay of deductive (semantic) and statistical methods
  • Scalability of Semantic Web methods and tools, and Semantic approaches
  • Web and Schema Data Extraction And Integration 
  • Ontology based Information Extraction
  • Ontologies and Ontology Languages
  • Simple Ontologies in RDF and RDF Schema
  • Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL)
  • RDF Formal Semantics
  • Web Ontology Language OWL
  • Creating and Managing Ontologies
  • Developing the Semantic Web
  • Methodology for Semi-automatic Ontology Construction
  • Using Knowledge Discovery for Ontology Learning
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Data-driven Ontology Changes
  • Usage-driven Ontology Changes
  • Approaches to Reasoning with Inconsistency
  • Causes for Inconsistency in the Semantic Web
  • Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies
  • Approaches in Ontology Mediation
  • Mapping and Querying Disparate Knowledge Bases
  • Ontologies for Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Access and the Semantic WEB
  • Searching for Semantic Web Resources
  • Natural Language Generation from Ontologies
  • The Web Services Modeling Ontology (WSMO)
  • The Web Service Modeling Language (WSML)
  • OWL-S Approach
  • The WSDL-S Approach


  • Software Project Management
  • Semantic Web
  • Data Structure
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Fundamental of Computer Programming
  • Web Engineering
  • E-commerce




Electro Fix (2020 - 2020) .


Online Fun Ticketing (2020 - 2020) .


Smart Automated Billing SYSTEM (SABS) (2020 - 2020) .


Split my way-- Share your journey and expense with others (2020 - 2020) .


Aggregator system for the facilitation of non-governmental organizations (2019 - 2019) .


Augmented Reality App for Teaching Object Oriented Programming (2019 - 2019) .


QUIBID.PK (2019 - 2019) .


WASA Employee and Client Assistance System (2019 - 2019) .


Weather Forecast Application using Semantic Web (2019 - 2019) .


ADHOC Centralized Teachers Availability And Monitoring System Using Ontology For HEC (2018 - 2018) .


Merging and Mapping Onto Solutions to Resolve Gardening Services (2018 - 2018) .


Using Reality Mining with the help of SPARQL to Improve Polling System in Pakistan (2017 - 2017), ", Funded By: ICT/R&D Undergraduate HEC Funding .


Electronic Mobile Health Unit (2016 - 2016) .


NAMEY – A named entities content aggregator application (2016 - 2016) .


Smart Navigation System for Buses with Location-Based Reporting (2016 - 2016) .


Android attendance tracking system (2013 - 2013) .


Funded Projects:

Completed Projects:
1. Using Reality Mining with the help of SPARQL to Improve Polling System in Pakistan (2017 - 2017) PIs: Ms. Sana Rizwan, Funded By: ICT/R&D Undergraduate HEC Funding .


Journal Papers:
1. Sana Rizwan (2018), ""Audio Processing Analyzer"", International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR)   
2. Sana Rizwan, Humaira Afzal, Saeed Ahmad, Iqra Yaseen (2018), ""Ontology based Centralized teacher availability, monitoring and facilitation system for Higher Education Commission"", International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA)   
3. Sana Rizwan, Muhammad Ismail Suri , Muhammad Qwais Raza and Hammad-ud-din Ahmed (2017), ""Algorithm for merging and aligning ontologies for Social Network provision by e-MHU"", Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)   
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6. Sana Rizwan (2015), "“Using Reality MINING With The Help of SPARQL to improve Polling System in Pakistan” ", National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative   
7. Sana Rizwan, Rizwan Rabbani Baig (2014), "Community based Empirical study and Statistical Analysis about RH Cases with Canadian International Development Agency and Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada ", Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR), Vol: Vol: 4, No. 12, Standard: ISSN 2090-4304   
8. Sana Rizwan and Dr. J. S. Mirza (2013), "Graphical Ontology and Validation Process for University Fee Structure", Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR), Vol: March 2013 Vol. 3, Issue: March 2013, Standard: ISSN 2090-4304, Impact Factor: ISI Indexed (Thomson)  Abstract 
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11. Muhammad Kamran, Suhail Aftab Qureshi and Sana Qureshi (2005), "Image processing and compression techniques with DCT algorithm simulation", New horizon Journal of IEEEP, Vol: Vol. 48-49   
Conference Papers:
1. J. S. Mirza, Tabbasum Naz, Sana Rizwan, Imran Latif (2011) "Semantic Modeling of a University Fee Structure", ICAMS- NUST 2011   
2. Mirza J S; S.A.Hayat; Sana Rizwan, sami ullah, (2010) "Equivalent classes in developing E-Learning ontology", 2010 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Information Technology (ICIIT 2010)   
3. Mirza J S, S A Hayat, M Shahid Bhatti, Sana Rizwan, Sami Ullah (2010) "Preparing New element learning in RDF/Owl Vocabularies", IEEEP 2010   


MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science)
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan, Pakistan
Sep 2009 to Jun 2012
MSE (Master of Software Engineering )
COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan, Pakistan
Sep 2001 to Jul 2004
B.Sc. (Bachelor of Sciences)
Punjab University, Pakistan
Sep 1999 to Apr 2001


Assistant Professor
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan
Dec 2012 to Date
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan
Apr 2007 to Nov 2012
Research Associate
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan
Aug 2004 to Mar 2007

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