Dr. Adeel Farooq
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Area of Interest: Algebra, Group Theory
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (128)
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

I did my PhD from Queen Mary University of London under the suprvision of Prof. R. A. Wilson in the field of Group Theory. My work was related to the Monster group and we found matrices which satisfy the Norton's presentation of the Monster.

I also did some research on fuzzy groups and fuzzy graphs. At the moment I am working with my PhD student on the problem of finding words for maximal subgroups of some sporadic simple groups.



Journal Papers:
1. Muhammad Akram, Adeel Farooq and K.P Shum (2016), "m-polar fuzzy Lie subalgebras", Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, pp: 445 - 454, Vol: 36, Standard: 1126-8042   
2. Adeel Farooq, Ghous Ali and Muhammad Akram (2016), "On m-polar fuzzy groups", International Journal of Algebra and Statistics, pp: 115-127, Vol: 5, Issue: 2, Standard: 2314-4556   
3. Muhammad Akram, Adeel Farooq, Arsham Borumand (2015), "Certain types of vague cycles and vague trees", Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, pp: 621-631, Vol: 28, Standard: 141344, Impact Factor: 1.5   
4. Akram, Muhammad; Alsherei, Noura O.; Shum, K. P.; Farooq, Adeel (2014), "Application of bipolar fuzzy soft sets in $K$-algebras", Ital. J. Pure Appl. Math, Vol: 32, Standard: 533546   
5. Farooq, Adeel; Norton, Simon; Wilson, Robert A. (2013), "A presentation of the monster and a set of matrices which satisfy it.", Journal of algebra, pp: 432--440, Vol: 379, Standard: 20D08, Impact Factor: 0.70   




Assistant Professor
CIIT Lahore
Nov 2012 to Date
Assistant professor
Nov 2012 to Date

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