Mr. Tauqeer Abbas
Research Associate, Chemical Engineering
Area of Interest: N/A
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
On Leave


Book Chapters:
1. Bhutto, Abdul Waheed, Rashid Abro, Tauqeer Abbas, Guangren Yu, and Xiaochun Chen (2016), "Desulphurization of Fuel Oils Using Ionic Liquids", Petrochemical Catalyst Materials, Processes, and Emerging Technologies, pp: 254-284    (External URL)
Journal Papers:
1. Bhutto, Abdul Waheed, Rashid Abro, Shurong Gao, Tauqeer Abbas, Xiaochun Chen, and Guangren Yu (2016), "Oxidative desulfurization of fuel oils using ionic liquids: A review", Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, pp: 84-97, Vol: 62, Impact Factor: 4.217    (External URL)
2. Wajid Nasim, Hatem Belhouchette, Muhammad Tariq, Shah Fahad, Hafiz Mohkum Hammad, Muhammad Mubeen, Muhammad Farooq Hussain Munis, Hassan Javed Chaudhary, Imran Khan, Faisal Mahmood, Tauqeer Abbas, Fahd Rasul, Muhammad Nadeem, Ali Ahsan Bajwa, Najeeb (2015), "Correlation studies on nitrogen for sunflower crop across the agroclimatic variability", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, pp: 1-13, Standard: 0944-1344, Impact Factor: 2.828    (External URL)
3. Tauqeer Abbas, Salman Nazir, Kjell Ivar Øvergård, Davide Manca, M.I Abdul Mutalib and Eakalak Khan (2015), "Hazards of Mercury – Safety Perspectives and Measures", CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS, Vol: 43, Standard: 978-88-95608-34-1, Impact Factor: 0.41    (External URL)
4. Tauqeer Abbas, Lethesh Kallidanthiyil Chellappan, M Ibrahim A Mutalib, Kuah Y Cheun, Syed Nasir Shah, Salman Nazir, Amiruddin Hassan, Mahpuzah bt Abai and Eakalak Khan (2015), "Stability of Physically Immobilized Ionic Liquids Used for Hg Adsorption from Gas Stream", Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS), Standard: 0888-5885, Impact Factor: 2.587    (External URL)
5. Tauqeer Abbas, M. I Abdul Mutalib and M. Azmi Bustam (2014), "Developments in Mercury Removal from Natural Gas - A Short Review", Applied Mechanics and Materials, pp: 223-228, Vol: 625, Standard: 1662-7482    (External URL)
6. Tauqeer Abbas, Aqeel Ahmed Bazmi, Abdul Waheed Bhutto and Gholamreza Zahedi (2014), "Greener energy: Issues and challenges for Pakistan-geothermal energy prospective", Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, pp: 258-269, Vol: 31, Issue: March, Standard: 1364-0321, Impact Factor: 5.627    (External URL)
7. Moinuddin Ghauri, Muhammad Tahir, Tauqeer Abbas,M. Shehzad Khurram and KhurramShehzad (2012), "Adsorption Studies for the Removal of Ammonia by Thermally Activated Carbon", Science International (Lahore), pp: 411-414, Vol: 24, Issue: 4, Standard: 1013-5316    (External URL)
8. Moinuddin Ghauri, Muhammad Tahir, Tauqeer Abbas (2012), "PRODUCTION OF ACTIVATED CARBON FROM ACACIA ARABICA SAWDUST", International Journal of Applied Research, pp: 30-36, Vol: 1, Standard: 2309-5504    (External URL)
Conference Papers:
1. Tauqeer Abbas, M. I Abdul Mutalib, Azmi Bustam, Salman Nazir, Mahpuzah bt Abai and Eakalak Khan (2014) "Morphological based mechanism for adsorption of Hg from natural gas using solid supported ionic liquids", International Gas Union Research Conference    (External URL)


Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
Sep 2013 to Jun 2015
B.Sc Chemical Engineering
., Pakistan


Research Associate
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
Oct 2012 to Date
Graduate Research Assistant
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Sep 2013 to Jun 2015
Research Associate
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Vehari
Aug 2011 to Oct 2012

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