Dr. Abdul Razzaq
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Area of Interest: Dye sensitized solar cells, Quantum dots sensitized solar cells, Photocatalysis for environmental remediation and solar fuels generation, hybrid anodes for MFC.
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (123)
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

Dr Abdul Razzaq completed his BSc in Chemical Engineering from ICET, University of the Punjab, Lahore in year 2005. After his BSc completion he worked as a shift engineer in polyester and food industries. In 2008, he won the HEC scholarship for MS Engineering in South Korean Universities and obtained his MS from KAIST in year 2010. Upon compleetion of MS, he worked as a Research Associate in Department of Polymer Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore followed by Lecturer in SCME, NUST, Islambad. He joined Chemical Engineering Department, COMSATS, Lahore in year 2012 as a Lecturer and then left for PhD in 2013. At present he is serving the same department after completion of PhD from DGIST, SOuth Korea.


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Ph.D. Energy Systems Engineering
Daegu Gyeonkbeok Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea
Mar 2013 to Feb 2017
MS Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea
Sep 2008 to Aug 2010
MS Total Quality Management
IQTM, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Sep 2006 to Aug 2008
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Jan 2001 to Mar 2005


School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, NUST.
Feb 2011 to Aug 2012
Department of Polymer Engineering, University of the Punjab
Sep 2010 to Feb 2011

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