Dr. Atif Saeed
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Area of Interest: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Networks, Ethical Hacking, Pentesting.
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

Dr. Atif Saeed is an active Computer Scientist and has published over 15 peer-reviewed articles in the field of networks and distributed systems. His primary research expertise is studying the complexity of Cyber Security, Hacking (Cloud computing, Datacenters, Internet of Things, Network). This entails the analysis, modeling, and exploitation of emergent network and cloud system phenomena to propose novel techniques to enhance system security, dependability, resource management, designing of new secure network architecture, and energy-efficiency. He is an active member of Computer Network and Research Group locally in Comsats University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, and internationally from Lancaster University UK. Atif Saeed is recognized as "HEC Approved supervisor". 


Teaching Resources


Journal Papers:
1. Atif Saeed, Dr. Asad Hussain, Peter Garraghan (2020), "Cross-VM Network Channel Attacks and Countermeasures within Cloud Computing Environments", IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, Impact Factor: 6.89    (External URL)
2. Atif Saeed, Muhmmad Shahid, Khalid Masood. (2020), "How Secure is your Cloud: Classification of Security Threats & Countermeasures Within Cloud Computing. ", International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security(IJCSNS), Vol: 20 No.5, , Issue: May 2020   
3. Syed Asad Hussain, Muddesar Iqbal, Atif Saeed, Imran Raza, Hassan Raza, Amjad Ali, Ali Kashif Bashir, and Adeel Baig (2017), "An Efficient Channel Access Scheme for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks", Mobile Information Systems, Vol: Vol: 2017, Impact Factor: 1.462    
4. S.A. Hussain, A. Saeed (2016), "Multilevel Classification of Security Concerns in Cloud Computing", Applied Computing and Informatics    
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6. Syed A. Hussain and A. Saeed (2013), "An Analysis of Simulators for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks", World Applied Sciences Journal, pp: 1044-1048, Vol: 23, Issue: 23 (8), Standard: 1818-4952  Abstract  (External URL)
7. S.A Hussain, A. Saeed, S.U Chaudhry (2013), "Dynamically Controlled Broadcasting Scheme for VANETs in Dense Traffic Environments", Smart Computing Review South Korea, pp: 405-415, Vol: 3, Issue: 6   
8. Atif Saeed (2009), "Human Detection in Videos", Journal of Applied Theoratical and Information Technology, pp: 212-220, Vol: 5, Issue: 2, Standard: 1992-8645   
Conference Papers:
1. Saeed, A., Garraghan, P., Craggs, B., van der Linden, D., Rashid, A., Asad Hussain, S. (2018) "A Cross-Virtual Machine Network Channel Attack via Mirroring and TAP Impersonation", IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD),2018., Vol: 13    (External URL)
2. Syed A Hussain, Atif Saeed, Imran Raza, A. Gohar, Z. Mansoor, T. Khalid , M. H. Raza (2014) (2014) "An Efficient Resource Sharing Scheme in Vehicular Cloud Computing", 5th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2014), the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT-2014)    
3. Atif Saeed, Muhamamd Shahid Bhatti, Muhammad Ajmal, Adil Waseem, Arsalan Akbar, Adnan Mahmood (2013) (2013) "Android, GIS and Web Base Project, Emergency Management System (EMS) Which Overcomes Quick Emergency Response Challenges"", WorldCIST'13, pp: pp 269-278, Vol: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volu, Standard: 2194-5357 , pp: 269-278, Standard: 2194-5357    (External URL)
4. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti, Muhammad Ajmal, Atif Saeed, Maqsood Ahmed, Rizwan Khalid, Nouman Arshad (2013) (2013) ""Smart Land Record Application Using Web GIS and GPS"", The 2013 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, pp: pp 893-900, Vol: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volu, Standard: 2194-5357 , pp: 893-900, Standard: 2194-5357     (External URL)


Lancaster University, United Kingdom (UK)
2014 to 2019
UET Lahore, Pakistan
2007 to 2009
B.Sc (Hon's) CS
UET Lahore, Pakistan
2000 to 2003


Assistant Professor
CUI Lahore Campus
2010 to Date

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