Dr. Muhammad Younas
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Area of Interest: Parallel Computing, Fluid Mechanics
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007   (129)

Muhammad Younas obtained a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Groningen, The Netherlands in 2012. He then returned Lahore, Pakistan and joined department of Mathematics, CIIT. He has worked on different European supercomputers, where he parallelized very large sparse linear system arising from Computaional Fluid Dynamics (CFD) problems. Currently he is interested in finding analytical and numerical solutions of different fluid flow problems.

PhD students supervised

  • Zubair : (In progress)
  • Zil-e-Huma: (In progress)
  • Saba Qummar : (In progress)

MS students supervised

  • Naeem Sadiq : Unsteady Magneto Hydrodynamic (MHD) Oscillating Grade-II Fluids (2013)
  • Zubair : Few Exact Solutions of Visco-elastic Grade-II Fluids (2013)
  • Zil-e-Huma: Effect of Slip Velocity on an Ultrafiltration Membrane in Tube Flow System (2016)
  • Saba Qummar : Effect of Slip Velocity On Membrane Surface At Channel Flow System (2016)
  • Yasir Akbar : Laminar Flow through Parallel and Uniformly Porous Walls of Different Permeability Using Power Series Method (2017)
  • Muhammad Arshad: (In Progress)
  • Tayyaba Saeed: (In progress)


1. Muhammad Younas (2012), "Scalable, Parallel, Poisson Solvers for CFD Problems", published by: University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands., pp: 126, Standard: 978-90-367-5366-1  Abstract 
Journal Papers:
1. Ayesha Sohail, K. Maqbool, Noreen Sher Akbar and Muhammad Younas (2017), "Advanced Steady of Unsteady Heat and Chemical Reaction with Ramped Wall and Slip Effect on a Viscous Fluid", Communications in Theoretical Physics, Vol: 67, Issue: 3, Impact Factor: 0.948    (External URL)


University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
2011 to 2012
University of Groningen, Groningenr, The Netherlands
2007 to 2012
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
2004 to 2007
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
1994 to 1996


Assistant Professor
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.
Jul 2012 to Date
University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.
2011 to 2012

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