Dr. Muhammad Asif
Assistant Professor, Physics
Area of Interest: Nanotechnology and its bio-medical applications
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  
HEC approved PhD Supervisor

Fabrication and characterization of metal-oxide semi-conductor nanostructure in the direction of electrochemical biosensors and photodynamic therapy based on functionalized nanorods/nanowires for extra and intracellular environment. As ZnO is a promising wide bandgap and polar semiconductor material, we have used lot of potential technological applications of ZnO nanostructures in UV light emitting devices, piezoelectric power generation, sensors, transducers, photodynamic therapy and biosensors. The other important properties of ZnO are piezoelectricity, biocompatibility and easy manufacturing of nanostructure. Fabrication, characterization and functionalization of metal-oxide nanostructure for extra and intracellular media to drug delivery, glucose, metal ion detection and for photodynamic therapy is my favorite field. My doctoral research work at the Linkoping University (SWEDEN), has allowed me to learn a diverse array of experimental techniques like XRD, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, SEM, TEM, AFM, FTIR, Photoluminescence (PL) measurements, I-V and C-V measurement. I am also acquainted with several nanostructures and thin film deposition technique like ACG, VLS, CVD and e-beam evaporation, etc                 


Book Chapters:
1. Muhammad H. Asif, Magnus Willander, Peter Strålfors and Bengt Danielsson (2011), "Zinc Oxide Nanorods and their Application to Intracellular Glucose Measurements", Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine in Diabetes, edited by: Lan-Anh Le Ross J. Hunter Victor R. Preedy, published by: Science Publishers, pp: 120-140, Standard: 978-1-57808-729-7   
Journal Papers:
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Ph.D (Nanotechnology)
Department of Science and Technology (ITN) Linkoping University, Sweden
Sep 2007 to Sep 2011
M.Sc Physics
Physics Department, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Sep 2000 to Sep 2002


Assistant Professor
Nov 2011 to Date

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