Dr. Amir Riaz
Assistant Professor, Management Sciences
Area of Interest: Strategic HRM, High Performance Work System (HPWS), Employee Well Being, HRM in Public Sector
Tel # (Off): 111-001-007  


Journal Papers:
1. Ibrahim, M. A., Dechun, H., Muddassar, S., Larisa, I., & Riaz, A. (2021), "Effects of Internal Service Quality on Nurses’ Job Satisfaction, Commitment, and Performance: Mediating Role of Employee Well-Being", Nursing Open , pp: 607-619, Vol: 8, Issue: 2, Impact Factor: 1.76   
2. Rana, A. H., Mahmood, H. Z., Gul, R., & Riaz, A. (2020), "Is Organizational Politics Destroying Organizational Identification? Using the Lens of Trust as Moderator", Elementary Education Online, pp: 2569-2578 , Vol: 29, Issue: 3   
3. Rana, A. H., Riaz, A., & Mahmood, H. Z. (2020), "Is Organizational Politics Destructive for Favorable Employee Outcomes? An Appraisal Using the Lens of Organizational Identification", Academic Journal of Social Sciences, pp: 251-278, Vol: 4, Issue: 2   
4. Rana, A. H., Mahmood, H. Z., Riaz, A., Ameen, A., & Gul, R. (2020), "Is Organizational Politics Devastating for Favourable Employee Outcomes?.", Elementary Education Online, pp: 3886-3896, Vol: 19, Issue: 4   
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6. Hafeez, H., Abdullah, M. I., Riaz, A., & Shafique, I. (2020), "Prevention of Occupational Injuries and Accidents: A Social Capital Perspective", Nursing Inquiry, pp: 1-16, Vol: 27, Issue: 4, Impact Factor: 2.39   
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12. Noheed Khan, Hasnain Bashir, Amir Riaz, Muhammad Waseem Bari, Syed Asad Ali (2011), "Organizational Stress Vs Managerial Effectiveness (Lower Level Managers) Locus of Control as a Moderator", International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2011, pp: 183-187, Vol: 2, Issue: 24   


PhD (Human Resource Studies)
COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan
2012 to 2018
MS (Human Resource Management)
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan
Sep 2008 to May 2010
Institute of Management Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
Aug 2004 to Dec 2006


Feb 2011 to Date
HR Executive
Ibrahim Fibers Limited, Faisalabad
Mar 2007 to Sep 2008

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